Any word on the smartthings "extend" for Samsung TV?

A crappy platform is better than nothing platform

I can’t possible believe anyone would buy a tv for this “extend”

The big lie.

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Nah mate I didn’t buy the TV for just the extend. That doesn’t make financial sence. I could have purchased a smartthings hub for less outlay. We needed a new TV. The 2016 samsung smart tv’s where advertised as premium tv’s and with the smartthings interface via extend usb dongle. These were some of the factors for purchasing this TV. 2017 and no sign of extend dongle. Samsung have just announced a new TV for 2017 named QLED.
What I’m asking smartthings is " where is my extend which I paid for and was told I was getting"

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more lies
Watch “SmartThings TV Integration” on YouTube

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I just noticed that Samsung has removed all blog pages about the “Extend”. I notice the press is not holding Samsung accountable. Time for consumers to take action. I bought a SmartThing Hub, but the only interface is an android phone APP. I wanted to control the devices using my TV and Remote.


I couldn’t agree more (as I’m sure most would). We were promised at CES that if we bought this TV we’d be given an Extend… we were promised inside the box that we would receive one. I was trying to wait patiently, but now that it’s looking like they may not follow through on their promise, it’s maddening. Like others, when I evaluated new TVs, Extend definitely factored into my decision and eventually tipped the scales in favor of the Sammy.

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Just had this chat with SmartThings. Interesting.

I purchased a Samsung SmartTV in November from Bestbuy. The box had on it that I would get a SmartThings Extend and be able to operate things with my TV. This was announced at CES 2016. I chatted with you in November and was told it would be out “very soon”. What gives?

Chat started
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Hi John

I apologize for the delay in the release of the SmartThings Extend

We are still working on it being reliable and stable

I unfortunately don’t have an ETA on when it may be released.
Why has all reference to the device been removed from your website?

Not sure what you mean? We still have its landing page up and running:

I think the mystery of the device is what created the hype. And it was overhyped. Now if the device was an actual hub that meant your didn’t need the real ST hub, then it would be really cool. But just as an extension, you need to ask yourself if you really even need it. What could the device actually do that your phone which is sitting right next to you can’t do. If this adds so much of a function to your tv, then why is it free?

Everyone is honestly over worked up about a product that is still in the works. I was initially as well but I’m not anymore. Watching the videos a few times shows you exactly what the extend does. Are you really needing a device to change routines on your tv? My routines are set to run automatically. And when I want to run them manually, I just tell Alexa to turn them on. Notification on the tv that there is motion somewhere? I already get that from multiple devices in my house. This is all shown in the videos of what the extend was built to do. I honestly never put much thought into it before other than being upset that a product that was supposed to work with my tv had not came out yet even though it was announced over a year ago. But by going back and watching the videos about the device, I really don’t have a dedicated need for it. Sure it’s great if it was built in my tv and I’ll add it to my tv when it comes out since there is no charge for it, but do yourself a favor and go watch some of the videos about it and ask yourself, what does this product actually do that you can’t already do. The answer is nothing. It’s not even easier to use than the app on your phone. Have an Alexa, just use Alexa as it’s way faster than either pulling out your phone and doing what you need to do or by pulling up the ST app on the tv to do whatever you wanted to do with extend. Really when you look at it this way, you will see how silly it is to be mad it’s not available yet. It’s not a dedicated hub, it’s just an extension hence the name extend.

Just my 2 cents.

This is fair. Admittedly, I initially thought it took the place of the hub.

fightingmajor look at this text from Samsung re:

Turn your compatible Samsung TV into the brain of your smart home with the SmartThings Extend.


They also said it would come out last year. Just saying. Anyway that’s not what it does. It just connects to the app that is already in the tv. If they could make the hub that small there would be no need for the current hub to be the size that it currently is right? It still connects to the same phones apps we use now. Or better yet, they would have been better off writing Mac or PC apps allowing you to plug it directly into your computer. The extend doesn’t sell tv’s. I bought a Samsung because of the quality with the ability to connect to ST as a nice bonus since I am already in the echo system. I’m more concerned with the layer back approach of ST not wanting to be the main hub. The first company out there who can connect to everything will be the real winner. Adding HomeKit support would be easy for them. HomeKit will never be the big winner becuse it’s a closed environment. If you have a main hub that connects to zwave, zigbee, HomeKit, nest, google, amazon, WeMo, wifi and Bluetooth you have it all covered and your interface is the one everyone will use. You control the user experience even though they are using other products. This is what ST has a chance to do with ver 3 of the hub. Set aside their pride trying to stay within the Samsung environment and become the main go to to IOT. This is where ST truely goofed by selling out to Samsung. They should have stayed independent and became the best of everything. At that point you can charge a small monthly fee for the service and that’s how you profit. But then again, what do I know.

Yes, TV + Extend was supposed to be a hub, i.e. the hub firmware resides inside the TV. The Extend dongle is just a radio. This way they don’t have to put entire TV through Zigbee and Z-Wave certification process.

Anyway, regardless of whether it makes sense to you personally or not, the thing was advertised as a hub and a lot of folks made their purchasing decision based on this promise. Is it surprising that customers feel cheated? I don’t think so.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but 2017 Samsung TV’s (QLED) are no logger advertised as SmartThings ready. And neither any of Samsung appliances. Which begs the question what do Samsung and SmartThings have in common and how long this marriage is going to last?


Watch the videos. The people who put out the press and the folks who actually worked on the extend were never on the same page.

This is hard to disagree with. I don’t think any two teams within Samsung are on the same page. :wink:

So, I just signed up to comment directly on this topic. This is sad. So I just pre-ordered a new NVIDIA Shield. They are the same hardware as old actually but I didn’t have one, had been considering one and they finally put me over the edge to purchasing with 3 new features coming out.

  1. Google Assistant, making it basically a TV based google home, NICE!
  2. Shield Spot, a plug in mic and speaker giving me access to the Shield based google assistant any where in my house! NICE!
  3. “Coming update” that will turn it into basically a Smartthings hub!!! Now suddenly this thing is not just nice to have but a way to save from having to buy a second piece of equipment for my smart home plans! SWEET! Not just nice, but a good financial decision. All of this will also come to the old nvidia shield. I had the question though,“If there is no real hardware update how will this control zwave and zigbee?” I found my answer on the nvidia forums

There we see a shield with an extend plugged into it. This gives a voice controlled smartthings hub device! MAN WAS I STOKED!!! They even give a price on the extend, $30!!! Not shabby…

Now here I am. I went looking for information about purchasing an extend and ended up here finding out it is almost a year late, kinda vaporware at this point, only began a very limited beta in November and who knows when it will come out… le sigh…

SO I thought I would just BUMP the original question here, Any new news? CES 2017 might be a nice time for an update…thanks.

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This is what the buyers of Samsung 2016 smart TVs were supposed to get for free. :slight_smile:


Yeah, so I see.

Welcome to the forums!

The discussion related to the Shield is over here:


Thanks! I am just now planning what I want to do for my smart home system and the nVidia just jumped right to the center of it.