Any word on the smartthings "extend" for Samsung TV?

Wonder is by the time the 2017 tv’s are out if it will even work with the 2016’s it’s supposed to work with.

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I don’t know the answer but HU is a 2014 model, J=2015, K=2016.
But yes you could buy a “H” in any of those years but that doesn’t stop it being a 2014 platform.

Here is the answer. Extend dongle isn’t out until 2017 and even then it won’t make your TV a device, only a hub.

Jason (SmartThings)
Oct 7, 10:36 AM MST

Hello David,

Thanks for reaching out to us. That is a good question. The answer unfortunately is no. The TV’s do not integrate as a device type through SmartThings at this current time. The Extend dongle will only give the TV the capability to act like the Hub and run other devices/automations. The Extend dongle will be available sometimes next year and will only work with 2016 Samsung TVs 7 Series UHD & 8, 9 Series SUHD. I hope this information is helpful and and if you have any other questions please let us know.

Kind Regards,

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I see good and bad things about echo+smart things hub+ harmony hub. Anyone tried this?

Yes. Best bet is to use Harmony, Yonomi with the Echo. It works flawless.

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Many many people. :sunglasses: You will find much discussion in the forums. I will put a couple links to thread discussions at the end of this post.

My own experience: undocumented changes

My own experience back in August 2015 was that it worked great at that time. However, between August 2015 and March 2016 there were at least four changes made to the integration that were not announced ahead of time. At least two of those would cause the integration to stop working for a little while. You might have to do something minor, like change the name or even just open the app and close it again.

My problem is that I am quadriparetic (use a wheelchair and have limited Hand control) so I have to pay someone else to do almost all of the maintenance, including just rebooting something. And I really needed the voice control or I couldn’t even turn my television on and off.

NonSmartThings alternatives

Fortunately, over that time two alternative and more stable methods were introduced by Amazon. The first was that the echo IFTTT channel added the trigger method. Different people have different amounts of IFTTT lag – – at my house it’s a pretty consistent eight seconds. That was fine and I use that method a lot.

Then the free yonomi app came out, and at least for now it works even more quickly than the official IFTTT channel. My experience with it, though, is that it seems to get overloaded around 530 local time, and it doesn’t always work for me between 530 and around eight. I don’t have to do anything to get it working again but it happens often enough that I keep both yonomi and the IFTTT trigger method set up for each task. I try the yonomi, but if it fails at all I just switch to using the IFT TT for a while.

In addition to all of these, there is currently a closed beta going on with echo and harmony, so hopefully they will release their own native integration pretty soon.

Using SmartThings does give you the ability to add schedules and automations

Anyway, all of that means you have lots of people using echo and harmony in several different ways, and many of them are still using it with the SmartThings method. That method does have the advantage that you can automate stuff if you want the news turned on automatically as you come in the front door, for example. Or if you want to turn on a channel for 30 minutes when you go to bed and then turn it off again.

It’s always good to have choices. :sunglasses:

Follow up discussion about echo plus harmony plus smartthings should go in the following thread, as we’re getting off topic for this one.

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I hate to say it, but there it is: “I told you so”. :coffin:

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After reading this thread, this is disheartening.

I was excited about having a Smart TV that actually reported status back to the hub regarding things like on/off, input, channel if applicable, and volume if internal speakers being used. The idea that there will be a single specifically designed to work with a specific line of TVs, and yet won’t actually add “smart” functionality to the TV itself seems like such a missed opportunity.

I have a Harmony Hub already, so I can continue using that, and I guess shop for a new TV without factoring in SmartThings compatibility.

I think whoever gets this right first will have a huge win on their hands. Logitech is great, but IR control is a pretty dated way to control stuff.

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It’s all just vaporware.

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How an you possibly spin this as a “good” thing. You’re saying there are additional problems with firmware updates, and you will have to work harder to make sure they are in working order prior to release. This will make them more sparse.

Where is the benefit? You have to work harder to make sure the firmware updates don’t break anything? Not a benefit.

Speaking of updates… when will the extend be released? When will we be able to connect to smartthings devices at all (not just zigbee or Z-wave which the extend device adds)? From you very website:

What can I do with just my TV (no SmartThings Extend)?

Without the SmartThings Extend, your Samsung TV will still be able to connect with SmartThings-compatible LAN and cloud-to-cloud devices, such as thermostats, speakers, and more. But the TV on its own cannot connect with ZigBee and Z-Wave devices.

In other words, your TV has certain smart functionalities by itself, but the SmartThings Extend unlocks countless additional smart home possibilities.

And further more, when will Samsung start to provide owners with a SmartThings Hub to make up for the false advertising that this TV will provide SmartThings connectivity? Again, from your website:

Among the 2016 Smart TVs, all Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs will apply IoT hub technology, allowing the TV itself to act as the controller for the entire smart home. Samsung developed its own IoT hub technology with SmartThings for 2016 SUHD TVs.

SUHD TVs can connect with and control Samsung devices and SmartThings sensors, as well as more than 200 other SmartThings compatible devices. These include everything from connected lights and locks to thermostats and cameras, from a wide range of high quality third party manufacturers. For the full support of connectivity with SmartThings compatible devices, SmartThings Extend USB adaptor is required.

You right, it isn’t a benefit. Which is why it is never going to happen. It was a great idea that isn’t going to work.

I don’t think there are any ST branded LAN devices.

They won’t. My 2015 TV was supposed to have an upgradable CPU unit. Well it is capable of accepting one, they will never make one for my model as they switch OS version the very next year and announced they won’t be supporting the previous TV.

Both situations are a shame.

Agreed and that stinks about the 2015 TV not being able to upgrade. In this case, I specifically bought the the 2016 KS8000 because of the SmartThings features. They advertise it, they have a press release about it, and nowhere do they mention that in actuality the TV can’t currently do anything “SmartThings” related. In fact the language is the opposite.

I don’t think there are any ST branded LAN devices.

It looks like there are a few.

Was just talking about SmartThings branded LAN devices based on what you said, must have misunderstood.

I was considering the SUHD 60 or 65 inch TV for Christmas. As an existing ST user, I was very interested in the ST functionality in the SUHD line. Is ANYONE on the forum using this? It sounds like the concensus is that this started as an idea with a ton of potential, but in reality, it seems there are more potential concerns with the integrated hub and would not be wise to consider switching from the standard hub to the TV version.

I have a Ring Doorbell and a Foscam IP camera. If I could view the video feeds on the TV for these at some point, that would be a nice feature. So far, I only see Samsung camera integration.

Is there any compelling reason today to consider the integrated hub as a value-added feature of the TV for an existing ST user?

Been scouring the Internet for any word on the release of the Smartthings extender for SUHD TV’s and have found nothing. Even reached out to Samsung with the question…but no response. Seriously Samsung? You can do better than this!!! Assuming that the Extender integrated nicely with their 2016 SUHD TV’s, it was a factor in my choosing to purchase a new TV. I am disappointed that there is no word…nothing.

You can forget about it. I think it’s safe to say now that using TV to control smart home stuff was nothing more than a gimmick, along with “curved screen” and 3D to pump TV sales. In a way, it worked, as you, and I’m sure quite a few others, bought a new TV on that premise. But looking back, anyone can see it was quite a stupid idea. It didn’t stick. There’s a new game in town now - Amazon Alexa and Google Home. I’m sure Apple is not far behind. And Samsung, being a classic “me-too”, have redirected their efforts in that direction as well.

Well the tv is on the way. The quantum dot technology should make me forget plasma was discontinued. It sounds like sticking with the standalone hub is still preferable though, from what I’m hearing here.

Agreed that it is not likely going to happen. I wasn’t interested in a built-in hub…I already have that. And I prefer a stand alone hub. I was hoping the “extender” would bring some controls to the tv i.e. an app that would let me monitor/control some aspects within the home. Necessary to have? Nope. Nice to have. Yep.

I don’t agree that an extender is stupid…I think it’s a great idea. Rather have that than a connected refrigerator or washer. I agree that Alexa and others like it is the next “big” thing but it is just another extension of access to smart home function. By itself, Alexa is kind of boring. Smart home integration makes it pretty neat.

i just purchased the samsung SUHD KS8500 55’ curved screen tv. I found the smartthings app and downloaded it.

I clicked the get started button and got this

Now I understand what the extend is for and what it does. I don’t understand why the app stops there and will not proceed any further. By all accounts the ST APP is still suppose to control lights, thermostats, ect, without the ‘extend antenna’. Apparently the app will not allow further set up if you don’t have the extend antenna connected. Maybe this is a malfunction of the app…I hope.I should be able to proceed beyond this point of setting up the app so I can control my non zigbee/zwave devices.

Received the Extend for my 2016 9000 series TV. Not ready for prime time. TV senses the Extend but gives an error message when opening the Smart Things app. Says the extend is not installed and to exit app to install Extend! Can’t contact Samsung online chat as the online chat button their website is disabled.