Any word on the smartthings "extend" for Samsung TV?

All I want is to connect my 2016 KS series 8 with ST and control it. Now we have to wait until summer to get this update and the EXTEND USB? Is it a free option still?


Where’d you get summer from? I mean, I don’t doubt it that it may not be out until summer, just wondering if you have a source.

Is Tyler or anyone from SmartThings going to actually provide an update here? We really should be compensated for the complete misrepresentation of what we were getting. I definitely was swayed to a 65KS8000 based on the SmartHome integration. Even without the extend device, your website, as late as November, was saying the TV could act as a Hub for LAN devices. I notice it doesn’t say that anymore.


By the way , got an nVidia shield and it doesn’t do smartthings integration yet , my guess is it will need an update later. But at least nVidia delivers on their promises , unlike Samsung here . I’d love to know if we really need to wait until summer 2017 to get this functionality … at that point we will have bought tvs on a promise a year and a half old, and we could have waited for this years models. If Samsung can’t get it out the door before they ship their 2017 models they should offer all customers with affected units free upgrades to the 2017 models or something. That would feel like the right solution .


Umm you are going to need the extend to make that work.

Yea , that too. Or I can hopefully use the google assistant with the smartthings hub I had to buy because I got sick of waiting for the extend. At this point I just wish Samsung would give everyone a smartthings hub and admit the extend idea was oversold and underdelivered .

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so how do we get onto samsung to pursue their false claims?
if anyone on here feels the the same please contact me.
Funny how ST/Samsung have not replied to any of our posts!!

I wrote to Smartthings asking about the extend about 6 days ago.

They told me that they are currently running a limited beta and are not allowing new testers. They also said that they are creating a mailing list in the extend site with a form form to fill out before ordering the extend. Finally they said that they don’t have an exact release date and have not considered giving free hubs to costumers.

Hope this helps.

At least we know that the project is still alive. I just thing that, at this point, it would be best to give free hubs instead of having angry costumers. I also think they are losing people in the smart house segment. I for one, have not installed any smartthings equipment waiting for the extend.

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hopefully it will be soon because Nvidia’s new shield is supposed to be able to become a ST hub with the extend as well so it definitely sounds like they are working on it

Thanks for the update !

I bought the 8000 series TV over Christmas and now thinking to return the TV and buy something different only because Extend is not available. Havent opened the box yet :slight_smile:

I would rather buy a comparable LG TV and not pay premium for samsung if I am not getting what I paid for.

Last time (about 2 weeks back) I had spoke to the customer care department, they did say they will provide the extend for free…

The way I understand it, you only need the extend to control zwave/zigby stuff. Personally, I could care less about the extend because I already have a ST hub. What I want is for them to just finish the app already, and let the TV control the hub I already have. My phone has an app that can do that without an extend, why cant the tv do it too?

Samsung has really screwed the pooch on this one. Unfortunately, I think its a small segment of people who a) bought this TV, and b) care about the SmartThings integration.

I know I was tipped in favor of buying a KS8000 because of this feature. To be sitting here 6+ months later with absolutely ZERO smartthings capability is not acceptable. We were promised SmartThings integration.

When exactly is Samsung going to start sending out free ST Hubs to make up for there extremely egregious over-promise/under-deliver?

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I’d be happy with just a ST hub at this point. I just don’t want to buy another one because you can’t use two when (I should say if) the TV actually gets the ST hub capability.

From what I can gather from seeing how it’s going to interact with the gaming device, it does act as a hub. With that said, not sure I would want my hub ran from a tv. I have a KS8000 and every now and then, the app screen messes up. If this happens, your extend hub is going to disconnect and nothing is going to work. I don’t think the usb ports get constant power when the tv is off like it’s set up to so that’s another issue as well. Unfortunately the hype around this for us users is greater than the device itself. I did buy my KS8000 a little because of the potential with smartthings. I bought it mainly because I liked how the tv perfromed. Plenty of quirks are still in the tv that by now should have already been fixed, but they are not.

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I have the KS8000 TV as well, and bought it over other TVs because of the SmartThings integration.

At the moment, SmartThings appears to have more control over my 2010 Samsung Plasma TV than my brand new 2016 SUHD TV.

If I could just power it off and control very basic functions like volume and source I’d be happy for now. Has anyone written a functional device type for the KS8000 TV? Considering what this TV promised I shouldn’t have to resort to plugging it into a smart plug.

Not extend, but they recently added some support for KS and KU series models to the market place under samsung products. Some have had issues getting it to be detected. See the support article in the marketplace.

This is only available in US? I’m in Europe and I can’t find Samsung smart TV in marketplace.

Sorry, the link for the compatbility search does say US. The main page of the support article did not mention it.

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If you use HomeBridge, you can have SmartThings in HomeKit ( It isn’t perfect, but gets the job done. Then essentially your smart home devices are platform agnostic. I can use Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant for voice control. You can also use either the Apple Home or SmartThings apps (assuming all devices can be controlled via SmartThings. If they are Homekit native, that won’t work). I totally agree though, a unified view needs to exist and these bridges to bridges are getting ridiculous.

I was able to connect mine, but it seems to do absolutely nothing. I would have at least expected the same as the remote controls through ST, but it really does nothing.

Is the integration not working for you or is the feature set limited?