Any way to use the prescence sensors in new app

They worked great for me in the old app. I had garage doors opening and house disarming when we returned… Dont want to use phone. Makes much more sense to have them tied to the cars. It was nice to be able to arm when both cars left or disarm when one or the other returned… The presence sensors devices are there but they dont qualify for a member in any rules. This is both with custom and stock device handlers…


do they show in device status when creating automations? that is where life360 shows up for use

yes they do thanks. so now that i have my saved version of rule machine working i can rewrite the rules there instead of relying on there stupid automations… Why would it not convert over to members like it used to

I do not know the answer. ST staff would need to answer that for you

I use them just fine but through WebCore pistons.
I have gievn up on the cell presence as it works up to 5 minutes after I arrive. In the old app my cell worked quite reliably and would trigger withing 20-30 seconds.

Works fine for me.

How did you get life360 to work Jimmy? It only shows if someone is present or not for me.

Not sure. I don’t use Life 360.

that works in the new app? how you add

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