Any way to tell if my switch was manually pressed?

I’m using a GE Smart Switch 12727 for my garage lights in a couple of scenarios when a sensor is tripped or the Garage Door opens, it turns on the main garage lights and shuts them off after a period of time. In most cases, this will work fine.

For the times when I want to keep the garage lights on without a timeout, I’d like have ST recognize that I manually switched on the light and to leave it on.

I’ve poked around here and looked in CoRE and I can’t find anything that signifies a switch on by physically flipping the button.

Is this possible?

There’s “interaction” physical or digital but I haven’t messed with it before.

I’ve used “physical” interaction a couple of times with good success through CoRE. I believe it’s selected after you select the on/off action for the switch. It gives an option of Any/Programic/Physical I think. This lets you only have actions occur if you manually flip the switch OR if you only want the action to occur when CoRE (or ST) flips the switch. It’s a cool option!

Thanks all for the tips. The Interaction Physical worked for my switch. If I turn it on by hand it stays on. If any automation turns it on it goes off at the specific set time.


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Thank you. I have been floating around several ideas for physical switch presses for awhile now but haven’t had time to dig into the double tap code. Now I won’t have to.