Any way to send a notification (push or SMS) with new Smartthings Rest API?

I’m looking at the documentation here and I don’t see any documented way of doing it:

The docs for the new API are substantially incomplete. They are only in “preview” version.

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@tgauchat - Do you know when SmartThings is going to give more information on the transition to the new API? Like you, I have a business that relies on a Groovy app, but I can’t have new customers install it easily since its no longer supported. I’m trying to re-write it in the new API but like you said, its still substantially incomplete. How are you dealing with the transition at ActionTiles?

Existing published SmartApps (including self-published) continue to operate in the new App and we’ve “been told” there will be no rush to redevelopment.

New features in the App and API, however, are not available to be added to Groovy-based SmartApps.

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