Any way to restart a cablemodem thru some ST magic?

touché! ugh! back to the drawing board…

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For a router reboot you’re probably going to need something like what @pstuart is talking about…

Personally, I would spend the money on a better router.

Thought about this and laughed out loud! But does not have internet effect local processing? If your smart plug runs locally then using something like smart lighting should work right?


I have a backup network in both my houses.

I use at&t access point (netgear), and then wireless switches on my wifi router and cable modem.

These switches go over/are paired with the 4g wifi from the at&t access point.
It shares my data with my other cell phones. It basically doesnt use anything … costs an extra 20 per month. well worth it as i can reboot the main wifi stuff , and have.

I have tried about 5-6 different wireless switchs most have issues. the wemo only work in one location/network
the edimax work in multiple locations but after power outages come back off NOT in the last state (as do almost all of them, ie belkin )
Neo switches just don’t work and drop off the net and also come back Off after power outages.

The only one i Have found that works in multiple locations and also comes back in the last state( ie on if it wasx on) is the TP-link.

I also have one of these swtiches on the att access point paired with my main wifi wireless so I can rerboot it as well if need be.

The fineal think I do is run the access point without a battery on my ups as well as the smartthing hub, otherwise you cannot reboot it if it has its own battery.

hope this helps

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In theory yes… In theory.

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Right! :smile: Theory is one thing…

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I think you’re better off with a mechanical timer :slight_smile:


Okay, so plug your cable modem into a power strip.
Train your dog to push the power strip button on/off on command
Use the methods mentioned in this thread give your dog the appropriate command:


Sorry, really bad day at work, needed an outlet.


The resetplug monitors the internet connection. If the connection drops it power cycles the socket.

If it fits your use case then you could use travel adaptors, the socket appears to be rated 90-260v.

Depends on what you mean by banans :slight_smile:

Bananas = Speed drops to waaaaaay slow… devices get connected/disconnected at random… wife’s S7 refuses to run thru the IFTTT applet that makes ST know she’s logged on to wifi, therefore home…

interesting! I’ll take a second look at that plug!


Are you using a UK ST hub (with uk power plug)?

UK ST Hub yes… with a euro adapter to Spain…

Another possible option if you have a land line:

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And also a similar thread that may give you some other ideas.

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I’ll look into this one! Nice!!

I’ll share a really cheap solution, get one of those 10 buck 24 hour light timers, set it to turn off and on as close together at 3am. Modem will power cycle nightly for a few minutes offline.

But frankly, if you need to constantly restart the modem, there is something else that is going wrong upstream or in your environment that probably should be dealt with before resorting to rebooting the modem on a schedule.

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Agreed… just don’t have the TIME to fix it… lol! I’ll go with this idea for now… but instead of @ 3am… I’ll do it at 3 PM when I’m totally sure I won’t be home… Or else the house might go crazy with my coming and going from wifi… I went that route for the best experience in location management… any other means (in-app location, Life360, smartpresence tags, …) just won’t do…

SmartLighting runs locally right? Set up a rule that when X outlet turns off, turn it on.

**edit - just realize this was already discussed :slight_smile:

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Just remember they “break” by an hour during daylight savings time :slight_smile:

I used an arduino with an Ethernet shield and a relay shield to ping Google’s name server and if it fails for 30 seconds, it triggers the relay to turn the cable modem off and then 30 seconds later it turns it back on.