Any way to link broad link RM+ Pro and Aqara gateway?

Hi all, I have a Xiaomi gateway and some aqara temp sensors that I’d like to talk to my RM+ through a android app. I haven’t been able to find one to do this yet. Any ideas? Thanks very much.

How is this tied in to SmartThings??

there is ways but for Samsung SmartThings in this forum

I do use a Samsung S7 if smart things may be beneficial but it is not a problem I need to specifically address this way.Keen to hear any solutions. Struggling to locate the best forum for this question. Thanks

This forum is peer to peer support for people using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform. So all questions and answers are in that context.

The Xioami sensors are popular when used with a SmartThings hub. But in this community that’s being used instead of the Xioami gateway, so you are unlikely to get many answers here. :disappointed_relieved:

I would suggest trying the Reddit home automation sub forum. It’s platform agnostic. :sunglasses: