Any way to integrate MyQ garage doors?

I know there used to be an independent work around which no longer works. Is this ever going to happen? Does MyQ integrate with other hubs?

It technically still works, but you have to install pollster to update the status.

I use CORE to trigger refresh based on other doors opening and motion in the driveway. Seems more stable than pollster.

It works fine as long as you have a tilt or contact sensor for your door to be notified when it is opened or closed. The myQ integration is really just open and close now. But that part works well.

This works if you’re willing to put a separate contact or tilt sensor on the door. Been using for several months with no issues.

I use MyQ Lite, works very well. I use an Aeon Open/close sensor instead of tilt.

I can get the door to open with no problem. I can’t get it to close though. I’ve been able to deal with it because I either close it from the car, when I walk out the door, or use the 5 minute autoclose. Still not ideal though.
Are they just anti-integration? ST is broken and no IFTTT.

I am using my own integration (part of HomeCloudHub) and it requires a linux server running node.js - I have a raspberry pi 3 that fills that position. Updates in (almost) real time (check every 10s while closed, every 3-5 seconds if opening/open/closing), just like it did before MyQ blocked ST’s IPs…

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I recently managed to get myq to work with smartthings by using a node also, here is more info on how to do it.

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Dumb question, I am looking at this vs. linear, and the MyQ still seems like the best option. Do you need to purchase the ‘internet gateway’ anyways even if I only want MyQ to talk to S.T.?

I am trying to decide between the two as well: I like the MyQ but want the integration with ST so leaning towards the GoControl.

Is there any way to integrate a MyQ into SmartThings?


It’s touch n go on this, for now it’s working but that’s thanks for the effort of some folks who reverse engineered the API’s so it’s not official. GoControl is a Z-Wave network based controller and has it’s own pro’s and con’s.

So In your opinion MyQ vs GoControl? What are pros and cons?

###MyQ Pro’s

  • Ability to control through native app (no z-wave network required)
  • No door sensor required, the motor relays position details and is more accurate in that respect

###MyQ Con’s

  • Depends on reverse engineered API’s
  • Needs a gateway device to control it
  • If the internet is down it won’t work

###GoControl/Linear Pro’s

  • Runs on independent Z-Wave network, could run through the hub local execution even when internet is down
  • Acts like a Z-Wave repeater device

###GoControl/Linear Con’s

  • Needs door sensor and battery (life is about 5-10 years)
  • Has quirks for power fluctuation and needs time to recovery when there’s a power outage
  • Does not work with “digital” garage door openers (those using serial or digital communication with the switch)

See this thread for more details on quirks:

I have BOTH and am happy with both and we have developed custom handlers for both. It’s comes down to what you need more (see the Pro’s).

can you offer some help? myq works fine for opening and closing, but cannot automate it. Like for instance, when a person arrives. what am I doing wrong? or is it not possible from the api being taken away.

I new to leaning this coding stuff, but I want to learn. Also I did search through the forums and either couldn’t find the answer or didn’t understand what i was reading.

Thanks in advance