Any way to get a notification / prevent arming when a sensor is open?

When arming the system, is there any way to get a notification that will alert you of any open sensors that must be closed to arm the system?

At the moment it just seems to arm the system and immediately sound the alarm.

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Which model of the hub do you have, which version of the app are you using, and are you talking about the ADT/smartthings dual logo sensors or other sensors?

The answer will vary depending on the exact configuration that you have


Of course! Forgot that sorry.

Model: STH-ETH-250
App: Smartthings Classic
Sensors: Konnected (converts existing wired sensors to Smartthings accessible sensors)


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Alerts open sensors are a feature of the ADT Security panel, but not Smart Home Monitor (yet… SHM has been rewritten in new SmartThings App, but I don’t think it adds your requested functionality).

Konnected and myself recommend ActionTiles so that you can set up an arm/disarm dashboard Panel that shows all your relevant sensors - and clearly highlights any that are open; before you Arm SHM with an optional PIN…


I have the current smartthings hub and using the ST multi sensors and I seem to get the opposite, i.e. when my alarms is supposed to arm at night, it does and also send me a notification that saying xxx sensor is open but the alarm has still armed…and luckily it never trips the alarm :slight_smile:

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Got the notification! I was arming it pretty quickly after opening a door, so that may have been the reason. I waited a little longer and got the appropriate notification.

I’m definitely going to look into the ActionTiles though, that sounds like it could be a better option for the less tech savvy members of my family.