Any way to force a device to reveal its Zigbee ID?

I have a couple of Xaiomi devices (a door sensor and a temp sensor) that will not pair without using the catchall method. I’ve tried many times to get them to pair properly through the app but with no joy.
Catchall works fine and I can get them functional but after a period of time, ranging from a few hours to a few days they drop off the network and cant re-join. I have read that this is because the Zigbee ID is required for smooth re-joining to the network. I have also read that sometimes if the Zigbee ID field is left blank the device will auto-populate it at next check-in, so far this has not worked for me.

So is there a way to force the device to reveal the ZigbeeID? I read that sometimes it will be in the hub events log page in the IDE but I’ve never seen it.

Any ideas?

I guess from the lack of responses that this is not actually possible.

Worth a try.

Have you ever used the web based IDE?

Once a device is joined you can find the zigbee id, there is a column, zigbee id.

It is my understanding that zigbee devices always use the same zigbee id, which I as understand it is in contrast to zwave in which zwave devices get a new zwave id every time they are excluded and then re-added.

Thanks for the response David I added these devices by the ‘catchall method’ via the IDE. This method only gets you the Device Network ID not the Zigbee ID. This is why I am asking the question.

Once added are you saying that the column zigbee id in the device list of the web based ide is blank?

when the device joins, you should be able to find an event in the hub -> list events that includes the zigbee id and network id.


Okay I just found what the catchall method does. The device gets joined by device id instead of zigbee id?

Did not realize that this is possble for zigbee devices.

It’s the only way I was able to get these devices connected. @professordave but this method is not really that robust as if the device drops off the network it can not re-join without the ZigBee ID.

@TonyFleisher I have seen a few people on these boards mention that but I was not able to see that from the Hub Events. I only had the catchall.

Still. My decvices have been paired over 48 hours now. Perhaps I am going to be lucky this time.