Any way to disable new ST app?

I have an iphone and I am still using the ST Classic app but the new ST app is on my phone and when I try to delete it, it comes back. Anything I do in the classic app gets mimicked in the new app so when I get push notifications from ST Classic, I also get notifications for the new app as well. I am not a fan of the new app at the moment and prefer to keep the classic app but I would like to just have one.

You have an iPhone and it keeps coming back? Do you have Automatic Downloads turned on in the App Store settings?

Hmm! Maybe. How do I check that?

Settings > iTunes & App Store

You could also just turn off notifications for the new app. Settings > Notifications pick new app and turn off Allow Notifications

Thanks I turned off the notifications on the new ST app.

I need to do this as well to stop getting double notifications. Although, I think I might prefer the Notifications of the New App…OMG!!! Did I just say out loud that I actually like something about the New App?:rofl:

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