Any way to add Enbrighten Wif-Fi plug switch to ST?

Hey guys,

I purchased a few of these enbrighten smart plugs wi-fi. I can’t find any details on how to integrate.
model# WFD4103E
part# 51511

Has anyone been able to add them to ST? If so, how?

I don’t believe the Enbrighten Wi-Fi devices currently work through a direct smartthings integration. :disappointed_relieved:

Because they do work with Alexa, you could use an Alexa routine (not a SmartThings routine) as an intermediary and turned them on and off from smartthings using the method in the following FAQ. (The topic title is a clickable link)

So it’s doable, but sort of a hassle to set up.

Also, it’s only a partial integration. That may be all you need for a smart plug, but you should be aware that if you turn it on or off in any other fashion, including its own app, smartthings won’t know about the state change. And you can’t use that plug turning on as a trigger. But you can use smartthings as the trigger to turn that plug on and off if that’s useful to you.

You don’t need to have an echo device to make this method work, but you do need to have an Amazon account and use the free Alexa app.

Also, fingers crossed: if both companies do eventually add matter support then I would think it likely that these would be able to be brought into the smartthings app that way. But that’s probably a year off at least, and no promises. :thinking:

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Thanks for the quick reply JD. :+1:t5: :+1:t5:
I actually use google only. No alexa here. Guess I’ll return these find some inexpensive zwave switches instead as I need the switches to be controlled by ST, and Actiontiles.

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Another alternative I like is Meross WiFi smart plugs. Well engineered, good safety certifications, very inexpensive, and work out of the box with a manufacturer – provided smartthings integration. You just need to choose the Meross brand in the smartthings app and then sign into your Meross account.

Check the Amazon product description for a coupon box: you can often get a couple extra bucks off that way.

For example, on the day of this post, they were available in a two pack for $23, but with an extra three dollars off with the coupon.

They are often sold in bundle packs of two, three, or even four, which might bring the price down per unit a little bit more. definitely worth looking into. :sunglasses:

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The Enbrighten App looks like a Tuya platform product.

If that is true you can pair you devices with the Tuya App and use the following work around.

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Awesome Thanks again!! :beer:

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