Any Way of Merging 2 Separate Sets of 3-Way Switch Instances?

I have a situation I’ve always hated about my house, and I’m just finally starting to poke around to see if there’s a way of ‘fixing’ it.

The house effectively has four levels, and there are lights in the stairways between all of them.

For the lowest stairway from level 1 to level 2, I don’t care. It’s sufficiently physically separated that it makes sense for it to be controlled separately.

However, for the lights/and switches between levels 2 and 3 (separate electrical lines), and the lights/and switches between levels 3 and 4 (separate electrical lines), I’d like to tie them all together, so that, if any one of the four switches turns on, all three lights turn on, etc.

I have two sets of 3-Way-Capable smart switches.
Can they be combined?

I know I could just install the two sets, and connect them via rules in Rule Machine or CoRE.
I’m just wondering if there is a (simple, cheap) way of merging them all together so that no such ‘rules’ are needed.

It’s not a big deal. Just checking to see if it’s possible.
If not, I will just use rules.


There’s no easy way without running wires, but if you just install two 3-way setups I would use the smartlighting app to have local control vice using core


@sgnihttrams Totally agree with Daniel on this one. Wiring is cost prohibitive and SmartLighting will work perfect for you in this case. You can setup it up in seconds… well maybe one minute. :wink:

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OK, great!
Thanks, guys.
I hadn’t even thought about the ‘local’ processing part in this case yet.
On that note, if the devices that are being acted on are NOT qualified for local processing, will SmartLighting still run those related automations locally?

Real quick and easy is to use the App Trend Setter. It syncs lights effortlessly.


Does it run locally like SmartLighting?
If not, it doesn’t really matter how ‘easy’ it is, as I am already fluent in Rule Machine, and learning my way with CoRE.

Understood. Didn’t mean to come across as being anything but helpful. Sorry if I offended you. It does not run locally.

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Oh no…no offense taken lol
Likewise…I wasn’t trying to respond like a pr1ck…just the facts here. :slight_smile:

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Try other DTH. Even not officially supported doesn’t mean not qualify for local processing. I have a bunch of unsupported Ecosmart GUI10 and have local processing by using the GE link bulb DTH.


Like @Navat604 suggests you can always swap out to a local version. If you have GE Smart Switches and use the Z-Wave Switch device handler it will qualify for local processing. I just tested it for you on my GE Switch.

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Thanks a lot for doing that.
I’m not ready to get on this project 100%, but I will be soon…possibly over the weekend, but for sure in the next week or so. I will check back here if I have questions about any of this.

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