Any way left for 1st Gen iPad to control ST?

Been checking around everywhere it seems and cannot find any option to use this old iPad I had laying around.

Any thing I missed?


You could use the corner of it to push buttons on your minimote.


Have you tried using that old iPad with ActionTiles? I am not sure if ActionTiles works with that old of a version of Safari, but it is worth a try!

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Almost sprayed coffee all over my keyboard…LOL

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I did. Neither Chrome or Safari work…ActionTiles site says they do not support it. Guess it’ll become a picture viewer or fancy nightstand alarm clock.

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At This point, the first generation iPad is most useful as an ebook reader, a simple video viewer, a notes manager, an alarm clock, or a second monitor. That is just reflecting a screen that is operating somewhere else.

But this last option might actually give you some additional choices for controlling SmartThings.

You should be able to find some app that will run on your old iPad that will let you convert finger taps to mouse controls on the associated laptop.

So you run your dashboard on the laptop, but you use the iPad as a UI to it.

I don’t know how practical this would actually be, because you have to have the laptop running your dashboard all the time, but the laptop could still be running other things in background, and that would be fine.

I used to use TeamViewer on my original iPad and it worked fine. I have no idea which Remote desktop apps still work on an iPad one, but here’s a place to get started researching:

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I am surprised by this. I still have an Ipod 3gs with ActionTiles on it. Have you tried with other browsers instead of the native Safari or Chrome?

This may be feasible…maybe see if I can get chrome’s remote desktop to work…or just stick to TeamViewer. Wonder which uses less network resources. I have big desktop/server pc that’s going to be always-on for Blue-Iris cameras set-up. We shall see how this all works out.


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I kinda gave up once those two didn’t work. I’ll have to try others to see what happens. Make it easier for the next guy/gal searching for the same thing I am/did.


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Well…It’s nothing more than a paperweight/alarm clock/digital photo viewer…TeamViewer does not like the difference in versions between iPad app and PC app.
Firefox will not install. Running out of options…