Any thoughts on Axis Camera Integration?

Has there been any discussion on Axis Camera Integration recently? They have a completely open API and almost everything can be accessed/controlled via an http command string.

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A few have mentioned these devices before but they are not something we have integrated. Here is the link to them:

They appear to be IP-based, correct?

They were probably one of the first IP based camera solutions. Pricy but good quality. I’d like an integration also but I think Foscam and the like would reach a wider audience. I have more (in use) Foscam’s than Axis’. :smile:

Yes, they are all IP based with an open API (VAPIX) and most of the commands are simple http:// strings. They are great cameras and I think they are pretty widely used as they have a “something for everybody” type of product line from inexpensive to very pricey. The really nice thing is that all of their cameras share the exact same API. Once you integrated with one, you can integrate with them all.

I was thinking about trying to make my own device type, but I wouldn’t even know where to start. :frowning:

I’ve exclusively used Axis Cameras for years… for both business and personal use. They certainly are a bit pricier, but you get a rock solid product with (in my experience) superb support. I’d love to be able to integrate my home cameras into the SmartThings platform. (At my home I use M2014-E IP cameras, and on the inside of the home some basic M1054 devices).

Same here @wifiguy ! I am hopeful that they are supported in the Gen2 hardware. Rock Solid Cameras. And the new C3003-E that should be out in a few months would be awesome if that was supported too!

I have a couple of Axis cameras. I have it working in smart tiles. I really want to access the triggers and i/o ports on the smart tiles interface. I can pull up the camera webpage and use the triggers and ports but way over my head on how to use them inside of smart tiles

Hello Cino, could you please give me an example of the URL you are using in a media tile to show the livce stream of your Axis camera ? Thanks for your help ! Tony

I know this thread has been dead for quite some time, but has anyone made any progress with this? I have an Axis C3003 I would like to integrate. Thanks!

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