Any Tasker 'intent' experts around here?

I’m able to send intent from Tasker to accomplish some things. But the one piece to complete the puzzle seems to be eluding me.

I’m using MotionDetector in the same way as many of you, to wake my android screen when people get near it. I’m not using it for photos in those instances; it would quickly produce thousands of images. But I do want it to take photos IF there’s been an intrusion alert!

So I’m working with profiles. Getting MotionDetector to stop and restart is easy. But getting it to re-start with a profile that does capture images is not so easy. I’m doing
org.motion.detector.ACTION_DETECTOR_ON as Action
org.motion.detector.ControlService as my Class parameter
Service as Target
org.motion.detector as Package

But no matter where I put load_profile:newimages, it does not pick it up. It keeps loading the default profile. If anyone Knows how to accomplish this I’d be grateful to hear it.

Bump… because this is frustrating. The “load_profile” parameter is not working, in fact none of the ‘extra’ commands work… and the author is unresponsive. So if I’m doing something wrong I’d love to know, before I go and post a bad review of the author.

Hi there, did you find a solution for the problem? I am just running into the same thing.

Nope, never solved it. In fact I abandoned it, and got a different camera.