Any ST & HA-Bridge integrations?

This is the HA-Bridge: It is a Hue Bridge emulator, allowing for access to otherwise non-compatible devices.

I have a long-time running HA-Bridge setup running. Echo and Home Assistant can find and use the Bridge and the configured devices fine. ST discovered the HA-Bridge fine (identified it as a Hue Bridge, which is correct), but is reporting it to be “offline”. This is the problem. Because HA-Bridge is showing offline, ST cannot discover any of the configured devices.

This post indicates that ST to HA-Bridge integration works:

Does anyone have a successful ST/HA-Bridge integration? If yes, what is your HA-Bridge server configuration? Or, has anyone seen the offline problem and know how to resolve it?


Smartthings introduced a “device health” feature for the V2 hub which pings various devices and marks them as “off-line“ if they don’t respond. This frequently causes problems of the type you’re seeing for virtual devices, which don’t respond when pinged.

For the V2 hub there is an option to turn it off, but I don’t know if the same option is available for the V3 or the Wi-Fi connect home versions.

I know there are a number of community members using the “Homebridge” emulator to get HomeKit integration through a hue bridge emulator; @pizzinini might know if they’ve seen similar device health issues with that emulator.

I have used the device health feature for quite some time now and I never had an issue with a virtual device being unresponsive.
I also never had an issue specific to Homebridge and device health. If a device is not reachable for Smartthings it is also not reachable for Homebridge. There are some devices that just don’t work with Homebridge… e.g. my Schlage lock but I just created a virtual button that links on to lock and off to unlock to control it.

Check out this thread for more info on Homebridge. Your specific installation will depend on the where/how you install it (e.g. raspberry pi).

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I believe the OP is using the emulator in the other direction. They have devices that are not connected to SmartThings that they are trying to expose to smartthings by using a hue bridge emulator.

Thanks for the discussion.

@JDRoberts you are correct. That is what I am trying to do. @pizzinini thanks for your reply.

I’m not sure that it Device Health is the cause because HA-B immediately goes into “offline” after initial connect/save. If it is Device Health, I would think that it would at least for some time show online?

Looking at the debug data from HA-B, ST did make a call to HA-B:
hue lights list requested: 71ca903d8ec4444bxxxxxxxxxx from [ip]
validateWhitelistUser: found a user <71ca903d8ec4444xxxxxxxxxxx>

The [ip] is ST’s IP address. Even so, it is curious why ST thinks that HA-B is offline.

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I found and turned off Device Health. It did not help.

Sorry, got it.

But yes… you should be able to use Homebridge for that. Create a virtual switch, add it to Homebridge and set up a rule in the home app to use it a a trigger for the device you want to control.