Any simple way to check for updates on smartapps or device types?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I figured out the repository forking and syncing. However many of the apps/Devices I installed are based on copied code from posters here who created them. So not sure what the norm is with that setup, do I try and stay up to date in the forums, and go manually copy the code over. My guess is there is a smarter way :wink:


Hmmm… why not just use a Page Monitoring service?

This seems promising. If you find a page that is the HEAD of a particular file, then it should have a relatively constant URL whose contents only change when that file changes. Then use a Page Monitor service or plug-in; like this for Chrome: ; or here is a service that checks up to 20 pages a day and then offers pro accounts with more frequency, etc.; but beware; this may not work on Private Repositories … because it can’t login. The Browser plug-in maybe gets around this?.

Let’s try!

I’ve got a test public Repository called “CosmicPuppy/test”.
But we only want to track one file, let’s say, “”.
Nearly all GitHub users push their changes to the Master Branch (or you can browse the Repo and determine where changes are going when you pick up the original code that you are interested in). To make sure we are watching for any bare bones changes, select the “raw.githubusercontent” view of the file on that Master branch, rather than the formatted blob.

i.e., This is the page we want to watch in this test:

So I’m going to add it to the “Page Monitor” Chrome Extension (you can use any page monitoring service).
That adds a little “pulse” icon to my Chrome toolbar. I’ll start tracking by pushing pulse while viewing the page above…

Gee… That monitor extension offers all sorts of fancy options (but in “Advanced Mode”); so that’s nice; or too complex, regardless, you can find a different page monitor…

I set it to 5 seconds to see how fast it really works. I wonder how much load that puts on my browser?

First… GitHub seems to take a few minutes after the Commit to actually change the Raw output, but not too long. Then… Wow… Page Monitor indicates the detected change in it’s icon like this:

And that will bring you to some information on the pages that have changed, including the differences highlighted…

You would think there was an easier way :slight_smile:

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