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Any pointers to luminance only sensors

(Sachin Saraswat) #1

Hi, I am looking for a sensor for luminance only i.e. i dont need motion or temp sensors. Are than any luminance only sensors available? I couldnt find any online. Would appreciate any help!



Budget? Sensitivity? Reporting interval?

It’s easy to add one to the arduino thingshield and use The ST_anything library, but it’s likely to cost more than just buying an inexpensive Multi sensor.

People in the following topic can discuss that more:

Littlebits also has a luminance sensor, but you have to go through IFTTT to access it, and again, the cost of the entire project will end up being more than just buying A cheap multisensor. And that one is not very sensitive.

Everspring makes a zwave luminance sensor. It should work but might need a custom device type.

What’s the use case?

(Mike Maxwell) #3

the Fibaro multi is the best luminance sensor so far, very configurable, capable of reading up to 32K lux…

(Sachin Saraswat) #4

Thanks for the info!!
I want to turn on the living room lights when its dark. Currently I have it configured based on Sunset (half hr before sunset), but if its cloudy or raining then it gets pretty dark long before sunset.
I was hoping there would be a cheaper light only sensor which I can use for this…


(Sachin Saraswat) #5

Somehow the fibaro i had used to report luminance reading only if it changes by 200 LUX or greater. For my case it used to be stuck at same value forever. Not too good tweaking around the code as yet :smile:

(Mike Maxwell) #6

those settings can be changed, down to reporting at 1 lux intervals.
replace the stock device with this one, all the settings are configurable in the preferences section.
Very nice device driver…

(Sachin Saraswat) #7

Thanks Mike, looks really good!Should I go to “My Device Types” then “Add now” and copy this code in “From Code”? Sorry for asking basics but I am new to tweaking the configs.



Basics here (this is a clickable link)

(Bobby) #9

Hey Mike, do you know of any custom device type for aeon labs multi? I noticed that mine jump from less than 100 to 1000. I didn’t have time to troubleshoot, so not sure if it’s the device itself or the official device type.

Update: I found one and will try to replicate your Fibaro type for Aeon. :slight_smile: Love what you did with the Fibaro type…

(Mike Maxwell) #10

Yea, I like that device as well, but I can’t take any credit for it…

(Sachin Saraswat) #11

Hi, could you please post the aeon 4-1 multi sensor code that you are using? :slight_smile: