Any other motion sensors out there similar to the Iris 3326-L2 in size?

Is there anything out there that’s close to the size of this model? I should have bought more of them when I had the chance!

The regular Samsung Motions are similar sized and work pretty darn good. I purchased soooo many of the Iris Motions, Contacts and SmartPlugs. They are really darn good!

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4.1 x 2.4 x 4.3 cm

Or about 1.7” square

The Fibaro zwave motion sensor is 1.8“ x 1.8“ x 1.8“

Aeotec’s Zwave multi six and trisensor are both about 1.8 in.²

The Aqara Zigbee sensor is a weird pedestal design which ends up being about 2 inches because of the pedestal.

The Wyze motion sensor is tiny , about 1.2 in.², and very cheap ($6), but on a proprietary frequency that would require a Wyze cam and a Wyze bridge and integration through IFTTT or Amazon echo routines. And it’s not very fast. So OK for some use cases, but probably not what you were looking for.

Most other brands are over 2 inches.


Oops, sorry for posting a contact sensor instead!

Yeah but that’s the contact sensor. The motion sensor is over 3 inches. :disappointed_relieved:

Ah crap! Hate reading posts on a phone…

Here’s their motion sensor too, but not cheap:

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Thanks, will check out the links and see which one fits the budget.

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