Any news on Nest integration?

all connected last night. A couple of glaring feature gaps,

  • No option to turn cameras on/off. This would be an obvious one to want to automate via routines.
  • No way to boost hot water on the thermostat. An obvious one to be able to create an automation to turn this on with a push button
  • No motion detection from nest thermostat.
  • As others have mentioned, motion detection on outdoor cameras is worthless. It would be good to pass through person detection for those of us paying for that functionality in nest

Unfortunately, with the exception of the person detection, not one of the other features you have mentioned is even supported by the API which is frustrating.

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I’ve successfully added my cameras to Smartthings… but my thermostat doesn’t come over, I’ve ensured that I’ve selected the thermostat for sharing when setting it up… any ideas?

I solved my own issue! I posted my solution on this thread:

I got my Thermostat migrated ok, but it doesn’t show in the device list in the IDE, and also doesn’t show in any of the device lists for ActionTiles… :frowning: SO now my Thermostat tile is just sitting there blank… with what seems like no path forward… :dizzy_face:


It’s available now, thermostat, doorbell and camera. Nest protect is not supported.

From smartthings add nest and choose the device then will redirect to link your google/nest account.


I was really excited for this integration , I though

Oh yeah
I thought I can tie in my protects so if there is a fire it unlocks my front door and turns lights on. BUT NO

I thought I can use my Nest speakers to announce my arrival or beep if a door or window is opened , or use as a giant internal siren- BUT NO

I thought I can use the people detection to turn on my flood lights if someone is in the back garden - BUT NO.

Its not that this is complete useless but I think its a far cry from being useful.

hvac_state - looking at the API docs this is available. I’m new (signed up today) to the community. I am THRILLED the potential of this. The first automation that talks to the Nest that’s not something I’ll have to build.

I want to control an outlet with a duct fan plugged in. Instead of paying an electrician to tear into my ceiling, having State be a thing here would make it so easy.

I’d love to see state be reflected for automation, please!

Did the Nest integration just break? Originally all my 6 Nest Thermostats showed up both in the iOS Smartthings app and the web interface. Then they became grayed out in the iOS app (no wifi connection message ???) and finally disappeared from both interfaces. I tried deleting all the Nest devices everywhere (iOS app and web) and the Smartthings service in the Google manager and then adding everything back. It gave the impression that all six were added successfully. But none show up. Any thoughts on how the fix this issue?

I started having problem too - but only with one of my devices
My zone 2 thermostat was unavailable in ST; I deleted it so would rediscover and nothing I do can get it back; my zone 1 is still in ST; I deleted that and it successfully is rediscovered.
Both I could better understand (and would be similar to @Jabloomf1230 above) - but only 1 of the 2???
Maybe unrelated to Jay’s issue
What can I do to get that one back in ST? It’s fine in Nest and also in Alexa incidentally