Any news on Nest integration?

The lack of person detection is frustrating and I don’t know why it is not available, it’s in the API, and is even referenced when you approve the connection.

For my thermostat, both the State and Mode dont work - they dont accurately reflect what the thermostat is doing.

Hi! I am living in Romania and operating a V3 UK Smartthings Hub and a Nest Learning Thermostat Still not seeing the Nest as an available device in the list. Any idea whether there is a country/area based limitation or delay? Anyone else from my area? Thanks!

State always shows as Idle for me - anyone know what this is supposed to display? (is it the presence detector state?)
Mode allows you to change the Thermostat mode, but doesn’t reflect any changes made on the actual thermostat.
Not sure

Here’s what the migration process and new integration look like: Google Nest SmartThings Integration :: Hello_world — Jamie D`

Agreed. My test automations last night had the lights turning on and off all night due to bugs. We can control how long the motion should be present for, but using a “smart” notification of a person or even a vehicle (if you can detect a person…should be able to detect a vehicle) would be awesome.


Agree with @yvesracine here, for thermostats, sensors, and the protects, the Nest integration is limited. Solid plug for his private DTH/SmartApp.

Where the official Nest integration gets a positive is the Camera integration. I am just starting to delve into the possibilities.

Any ideas on how to limit the Nest integration to just cameras? It automatically pulled in my Thermostats.

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All working ok here for heat / off and temp setting, not tried other modes yet.

Anyone got the new NEST Devices to register in WebCore, what kind of sensor does this show as? I can’t for the life of me find them in the WebCore Device Sharing options…

if all else fails, look in refreshable devices :slight_smile:

Not there.

In fact, my Nest devices are not showing up in any SmartApp at the moment.

I assume this has something to do with the fact they’re not in the IDE either.

i’m waiting to migrate :slight_smile:

It was timely for me even if there’s some issues as I’m coming-up on my Nest renewal and moving to Google account is so much cheaper.

i am dwindling down to nest thermostats and protects only. my nest hello died 3 months ago so i opted to go to another product and i am currently phasing out my nest cams.

plus everything works in homekit via starling home hub so i am happy.

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Yeah sadly not there at all.

I think you are right about them not being in the IDE. Is this intentional do you think? I’ll have to put back some virtual switches.

all connected last night. A couple of glaring feature gaps,

  • No option to turn cameras on/off. This would be an obvious one to want to automate via routines.
  • No way to boost hot water on the thermostat. An obvious one to be able to create an automation to turn this on with a push button
  • No motion detection from nest thermostat.
  • As others have mentioned, motion detection on outdoor cameras is worthless. It would be good to pass through person detection for those of us paying for that functionality in nest

Unfortunately, with the exception of the person detection, not one of the other features you have mentioned is even supported by the API which is frustrating.

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I’ve successfully added my cameras to Smartthings… but my thermostat doesn’t come over, I’ve ensured that I’ve selected the thermostat for sharing when setting it up… any ideas?

I solved my own issue! I posted my solution on this thread:

I got my Thermostat migrated ok, but it doesn’t show in the device list in the IDE, and also doesn’t show in any of the device lists for ActionTiles… :frowning: SO now my Thermostat tile is just sitting there blank… with what seems like no path forward… :dizzy_face:


It’s available now, thermostat, doorbell and camera. Nest protect is not supported.

From smartthings add nest and choose the device then will redirect to link your google/nest account.