Any news on Nest integration?

Grumble… Grumble… I want my 6 Nest Protects back in ST… darn I updated without thinking!

@fightingmajor: I would agree, if I was going to buy new thermostats it would not be nest after this google stunt. Unfortunately I have 5 nests and cant buy new ones.

Hey all,

Yes, very dissapointing this mess that Google did but in my case I did manage to find a workaround which is reasonable. I have NEST thermostat (yah …:frowning: ) and TADO TRVs .
So, basically even if the NEST integrations are out, the Alexa to Nest still works. So, i’ve basically created 2 routines in Alexa one to turn on the thermostat (basically set it to 24 C) and the second one to turn it off (19 C). Then using a virtual switch in smartthings, i’m controlling the Alexa routines. On top of that the TRV’s from each room will control the virtual switch and basically tell the thermostat to go on /off. I know basically i’ve reduced the Nest to a dummy on/off switch but for me it is too much of a hassle to take it off from the wall and buy something else. For the Tado TRVs, i’m using the Tado SmartApp created by fuzzysb, modified to control the virtual switch.
Not ideal but does the job.


@fightingmajor @scottashell
Dear Americans.

Ecobee does not like us people who live in the old world. Therefore Ecobee is not the best solution to the discontinuation of the Nest API.

Furthermore no one and certainly not Ecobee does as good a product as the Nest Protect even if there are acceptable alternatives to the Nest Thermostat. (And Nest cameras.)

FWIW - Google are supposed to be releasing a new API to replace the Nest API but all indications are that -

  1. It will not give as much functionality and in our scenarios therefore not do what we need
  2. It will likely be much harder for DIY developers to access and use meaning potentially it will only be suitable for developers like Smartthings themselves to use
  3. It is taking a loooooong time to appear

@jelockwood, have you noticed that SmartThings doesn’t like us, who live outside the US and doesn’t use Fahrenheit?
In the new app, you cannot set temperatures on a thermostat only to full degrees, not to any half degree.
It works well with Fahrenheit, but obviously not with Celsius measurements and control. :wink:

dude im not paying you for it. How is this not advertising ?


There is no official integration with nest. If you want an integration your only choice is to pay him.

Over the years there have been a number of community developers who have offered their code for a fee. Some of these are extremely popular, such as actiontiles, sharptools, and Rboy’s apps. Many represent literally thousands of hours of work. As long as the developer makes it clear in the post that they are asking for a fee, it’s always been the practice in the community to welcome these works. There are often free versions available as well, although they may not have as many features or offer support.

You can always ask in the forum if there are free alternatives to any particular offering and people will let you know. Or you can of course write your own code.

There are also representatives of some of the device manufacturers who participate in the forum and they are also welcome under the same conditions, they just have to identify themselves as having a financial relationship with the company if they are recommending it.

So as long as the person is offering a relevant solution and it’s clearly labeled in the post as not being free, it’s usually regarded as helpful. You can just skip over those if you don’t want any add-on solutions.

I myself have no financial relationship with any of these developers/companies, I’m just another smartthings customer. I have paid for some of the third-party add-ons and generally been happy with them, but I personally do try to stick to the official features as much as I can.


Thank you for explaining. I own rboys and action tiles but I just found it odd when NST manager was free (thanks by the way) as is Homeassistant and homebridge plug-ins. When I did a search for nst replacement his post across multiple topics seemed spam-ish. With the way things are today you never know.

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Understood, but you can usually tell from the other comments in the author thread whether other community members are using the code and what they think of it. :sunglasses:

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That’s exactly what he does.

@tonesto7 Now that Google has set up the Device Access, do you think your program can be rebuilt to fit their new API?

I’m devastated that when I factory reset my Nest thermostat due to some wiring/installation issues when I moved, I had to re-link everything and got booted off of your fantastic app.

Hoping you have time/resources to make this work for all of us again. You are the best!

oh snap. Google finally released an API!?

It’s not as good as it sounds. The protects aren’t supported.

One step at a time I suppose. Personally, if I could get finer control of the TStat (turn on fan, but not heat/AC) and automations based on Nest Camera events I’d be happy.

I want so badly to use my ST window sensors to adjust mode of TStat based on open/close…Just somehow seems like an impossible mission for me at the moment.

@tmuir1 You mention a “new API”… will ST work with the Nest ecosystem soon? Where can we get some details? - Thanks!

If only I were a developer or knew anything about this beyond the surface level. I just wish there was an “official” integration, but until then, I’m hoping a genius like @tonesto7 or others can come up with something.

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To whom who are interested in getting their Nest Devices (Tstats, Protects, Sensors) into SmartThings.

FYI, a new version of MyNextManager which leverages the new UI presentation layer of the new Samsung platform and makes use of the new custom capabilities (with a Nest Away/Home settings button) has been released.

The new Google APIs are quite limited and don’t expose the Protects and Sensors. All attributes and settings available in the Nest app for the tstats and protects are available with the Nest web APIs that I’m using.


Just red this!