Any member home trigger?

I’m setting up an Automation where the If is set to:

If: (When all conditions are met:)
Member Location Present At Home Location - Multiple Members Selected
Contact Sensor - Open

So for the above if condition, the first issue I have is that i’ve selected multiple members but from what I can understand from the logic is that it means all the selected Members in the first condition have to be present. But I want the member location condition to be if any members are at home

The second condition about the contact sensor being open. This seems like the options are very limited, I can only choose Open, Closed, or Open or Closed. But I want to be able to choose changes from whatever state it is. So i’m interested in only if it changes states.

Any idea how I can do this?


For most automations, the “open“ or “close “does represent a change in state. So it’s more like “opens” or “closes“.

That’s why the explanatory text in example example says “when the door opens“ even though the selection in the list is just “open.“

So I think that part probably already works the way you want it to even though the text is a little confusing. :sunglasses:

I’ll have to leave it to other people to discuss the presence part.

Thanks. I’ve currently got the Contact sensor automation set to If Contact Sensor: Open and it’s been ok for a while but just today I experienced and issue where for some reason the contact sensor was getting stuck in the open position and for a while it was actually reversed. So when the sensor was Open it was reporting closed and vice versa. So as a result my automation was seeing it as Open even though the status didn’t change to Open it was just already at Open (if that makes sense)

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Hey there! @ahmed24

Just wanted to verify that after selecting the multiple members, that you were able to select the option of if Any at ST Home Location from the When Category?

You can do so using the below pathway:

Member Location> Selecting the options for “Who?” and “When?” should provide you with the following options.

Who: Select the Multiple Presence Devices.

When: After the Multiples have been selected, You will see 4 options for All at ST home, Any at ST Home, All Away from ST home, and lastly Any away from ST Home.

Once conditions are met, and Any of the selected devices are at the ST Home Location, your Contact Sensor Trigger would execute.

I hope this message finds you well!


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