Any luck with Xiaomi Mi Wireless Switch WXKG01LM and new app?

Hi guys:

So, there is ANYway to pair the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Switch WXKG01LM using the new app???

With the classic app was “easy” thanks to some device handlers available but, how to do with the new app??

Sorry for the newbie question.


Can anyone else help with this? My Xiaomi WXKG01LM Button works in the New Smartthings app, but only the single press amd hold. The double, triple and shizzle click isn’t working.

I’ve checked the event list and it recognises all these types of clicks, but the New ST app wont recognise multiple clicks and just sees it as a single click.

Can anyone help?

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Same problem here. I had no problem with he old app.On the new app I see options for …Pressed,Double press,Held,Standby,Pressed 2 though 6,Toggled down, Toggled down 2 through 6,
Held,Toggle up 2 through 6…but will only work on single press. Is there a update device handler for the WXKG01LM button?

How are you setting the events, smart lighting or automations? Not real sure, but I think one or the other may do better at recognizing buttons.

I tried it from all directions and all options. Direct from the device list to creating a automation.I tried 2 press, 3 pres and so on . I even tried the wierd options like toggle 2,3,4… I can only get the single press to toggle a lamp on and off. Has anyone using the new app have all the multi press options (1-5)on the new app with the WXKG01LM button? This make me want to go out and purchase a few more of those 4 button ecosense kits from Home Depot.I know for sure they are up and running on the new app…use them daily

Actually, that’s what I was thinking back to, was the Ecosmarts… I remember that I had tried it one way with a modified handler, and found that either the automations or smartlighting worked better, but it was just a stab in the dark, practically.

I find it odd that the multi-taps register in events, but there isn’t anyway to use them… I’d guess a handler issue? But, that’s beyond me… what does the handler code look like? Maybe it would help someone to offer some input if it was presented alongside the events log.

If I had one, I would play around with it, but probably wouldn’t do much good.

BTW: those Ecosmarts are dandy as long as you don’t assign anything to, or press button four. I keep meaning to take one apart and see how to disable it. I’m sure it’s easy enough. Maybe someday someone will figure out how to reflash the firmware. That’d be my lucky day!

The button capability used to only support pressed and held events so a workaround was used with legacy apps such as Smart Lighting and webCoRE (and others) using a ‘button number’ to differentiate between presses. The same trick was also used with multiple switches, even when child devices were used. Newer integrations don’t put up with that nonsense and just use the newer definition of the button capability that supports different numbers of presses.

So yes the handler needs sorting out. I am not aware of one that has been for that particular button but neither have I looked.

Being offered all the different values can be dealt with as well.

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With the amount of xaiomi buttons sold I’m really surprised that someone hasn’t corrected the device handler in the new ST app. The buttons are great. I use them to turn all lamps on and off in a room and would be even better if the double press etc worked