Any lock managers compatible with August Pro?

I have an August Smart Lock Pro and use SmartThings and Z-Wave to control it. I would like for SmartThings to be able to perform different actions based on what is pressed on the August Keypad. For example, if the main key is pressed while the door is already locked, it will synthesize a doorbell with my Hue lights. I think RBoy touches on this, but I’m not sure if even has capabilities this deep and I don’t want to pay for an app that might not work anyway. Any ideas for some lock managers that are compatible with August?


It passes what the source of the lock/unlock event was, but not the specific lock code. It passes manual, remote(app) or keypad. Not sure if @RBoy is going to roll that into his lock manager or

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Damn. By “It”, do you mean a specific lock manager, or I can access this without any additional device handlers?

It already supports it, as you said while the user “slot” number isn’t passed, the app does process the source, remote, keypad or manual as passed.

By it I meant the lock itself. I’m not sure if it requires @RBoy’s device handler or if t works with the stock one, too.

Does the lock report that over Z-Wave? PM me your logs and I can check it out.

You have my logs with your handler. I just wasn’t sure if that piece was specific to your handler or if it also exists in the stock SmartThings handler.

This is what I am wondering as well. I’m wondering how I can access this info in WebCoRe, if the stock handler passes this info.

The short answer is there is no app that can accomplish this because the lock doesn’t provide any messages that could be used to capture the event.

The longer answer:

  1. The August Pro lock does not implement the UserCodes command set, so no detail about codes entered is sent over z-wave when the lock is unlocked. The lock will send DoorLockOperation indicating the locked/unlock status and a AlarmReport indicating it was locked/unlocked by keypad (zwaveAlarmEvent 5 and 6)
  2. The August Pro lock does not send any z-wave message when the wrong code is entered or when the main “august” key is pressed while the door is already locked.