Any idea how to automate a Fire Stick button press?

Loving my automated home, but lately I have been having an issue with one small thing. I have a version 1 Amazon Fire stick. The one without the microphone button on top. 2 years ago, I took a 32" TV, built a frame around it, hung it on the wall, installed a SmartThings wall wart behind it to turn it on a 7am and off at 9pm anytime we are home. Then setup all my pictures to my Amazon Photo cloud. So all day long my photos would rotate on the wall. Love love love it. But, about 6 weeks ago it quit working as planned. It comes on in the morning like it should, and shows one picture, but does not start rotating the pictures any more. I have to go over and pick up the Fire remote and press the play button. Now, not a big deal, but, I miss the never having to think about it aspect. Any ideas? Thanks Tons. IMG_0266 IMG_0267

Did you accomplish this by setting up the photos as your screensaver on the Fire Stick?

Nope, Amazon Photos, then setup the app on the Fire Stick setup as the default screen saver. It is really a great addition to our home. We don’t look at it all the time, but you will find yourself walking by it and glance at a picture and stop to think “Oh, I remember that”…

What if you try this instead (choosing to set as screensaver)? Or is it the same?

While viewing a collection of photos or videos, you can press the Menu Menu Button button on your remote for additional options, including options to sort by Date Taken , Date Uploaded , or Set as Screensaver .

That is the Option I have chosen. IMG_0268
I figure Amazon must have done an app update but, if you choose it to start in 5 minutes, it ought to start…

Harmony routines can be used to automate fire tv button sequences.

I thought more about what you are saying… where as I am using the app versus letting it just go into screen saver mode… Had an Aaa HA moment. Testing that now.

I will look into this.

Well, it appears my screen saver is no longer working on my Fire Stick.

Lol… you’re welcome? Maybe try rebooting the device, etc. It might be worth contacting Amazon support.

I think you’re trying to do something that should work “out of the box” the way you want it to without Rube Goldberging it.


You know sometime it just takes someone planting one little seed in your mind. You helped me realize the screen saver was not working… I took the Fire Stick back to factory, did not install a single app, just simply setup the screen saver. So far so good. Looks like it is back to working as I want. Thanks for taking the time to help. Been frustrated for about 6 weeks.