Any GU10 work with ST without need for own hub?

Any GU10 lamps that are available to buy in UK that don’t need their own hub to work with ST?

I know Philips hue do, but apparently if not using the hue hub then you can’t reset them or they have missing features, and are the most expensive

I have EasyBulb, but they still need a “hack” and running on @jared server so still unsure.


Osram Lightify.

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Thanks, that’s a long thread. In summary they plug in, get detected by ST app (in UK) as a new “thing”, and can be controlled natively by ST without any extra hub? Do they tell ST what state they are in? Can they be controlled fine also by the normal wall switch? Do they do white and RGW?

If so think I’ll order some and go with these as too difficult to get EasyBulb working. I’ll then have to sell all my EasyBulb I think.


All smart bulbs that I’m aware of, including the lightify line, are intended by the manufacturer to always have power. If you turn them off at the regular wall switch, the first problem you have is that you will have to turn them on again manually at that same wall switch. The bulbs cannot hear the next network command when they have no current. The second problem that you will have is that you may shorten the life of the bulb.

There are several ways to solve this issue, as discussed in the following thread under option 2:

I assume we’re talking about devices available in the UK, is that correct? Because there are some other options available in the US.

The Hues are available in the GU10 format for RGBW, but the Lightify may only be in the White. But you could use the GU 10 adapter with their regular RGBW bulb.

The Lightify bulbs are connected directly to smartthings as their zigbee coordinator, so smartthings should generally be aware of their state. There may be a polling interval if you use a parallel means of control.

[quote=“JDRoberts, post:5, topic:44921”]
I assume we’re talking about devices available in the UK, is that correct?[/quote]
Yes to buy and use in UK with ST hub v2.

Ok I originally bought ST with the hope that I could initially use it for security for lights when away etc. I already had EasyBulb before ST so tried a few other things, bought a relay supported by ST to wire in lamps, but I can’t access the wiring because of the day way the previous owner wired them.

Although EasyBulb had a hack, it’s running off a server ran by a ST user, brilliant but worry on it not working etc, suppose ST can to but what if users server is down and he’s away?

I also have to ensure that all this smart stuff is dumb enough for my technophobe wife. She’s old school! Switch it off/on at wall etc.

So I’m now thinking to sell my (unused) EasyBulb, and get something that works directly with ST. I also don’t want another hub connected, already have Sky hub, Apple extreme, ST hub, no shelf space left!

The hue do work but some say off needs a reset then can’t.

So I’m looking for something decent that will just work, 90% of the house is GU10 also.


So if I have the wall switch on, but ST has turned off the lights, if wife comes in and wants them in manually, does she switch the wall switch off and then back on?

I’m worried that if doing this ST then switches them back off because of a routine or rule or something, e.g. if ST only allows those lights on between 7pm and 6am, and it’s dark at 5pm so they wouldn’t come on?


@JDRoberts thanks for the info so far, can you have a look at this post and three ones above please.

When I add a Lightify direct to ST, do I then need to add a device handler? Which one please, screenshots are really helpful to me.


Sorry, I’m tired tonight.

If you ask in the following thread, people there can answer your questions about the lightify and the various device handlers.