Any camera can send motion ping to SmartThings *locally*?

The last time someone asked this was in 2017. Is there any camera that can send “motion detected” signal locally so that Smartthings will understand and use it to trigger an automation?

If the camera has any API, which can indicate “motion detected”, and the associated DH polls it, then yes.

The Foscam cameras with @RBoy’s DH support that functionality.

But, unfortunately, the DH hasn’t been yet updated to the new app.

UPDATE: If you meant locally, as local execution, then I have doubts that would work with any cameras.

Yep, anything security related has to execute locally offline, since my phone cable is too easy to cut before entering the property. Wifi and electric should continue to work though. If I could rely on the internet, my cameras are already happily push-notifying my phone using google cloud services. I currently have multi-purpose sensors talking to the hub locally if anyone tries to break the windows, and then the hub activates a siren that alerts me, but there is one spot that a camera could usefully give me more advance warning.

This is a missed opportunity by camera manufacturers as it can’t be technically hard to get a signal to a zigbee hub, even if one has to buy an NVR to do it. After all they tell the NVR about motion locally in order for it to start recording!

Not locally. even the new smartthings brand Wi-Fi camera requires the cloud.

And Zigbee will never be in the picture (literally), it doesn’t have the bandwidth for video. It’s always going to be Wi-Fi LAN or some directly cabled connection.

As you mentioned, though, there are lots of locally operational cameras used for different security systems. They just aren’t going to integrate with smartthings if the Internet is out. But then if the Internet is out, smartthings can’t send you any notifications anyway, so its usefulness in a security set up is very limited.

Actually the foscam DTH has been updated and you can enable/disbale/report motion detection in the new app, however we’re waiting eagerly on the new video subsystem and custom controls from ST that’s due next month (hopefully) which will us to bring in all the classic app features.


An NVR you would use for continuous recording. And that is what you really need when the internet goes down. If someone would break in you need to be able to identify the person later, so either local recording inside the camera or local recording on an NVR, maybe both for redundancy.
If you worried about your telephone line would be cut, then get a router which support fail over to other means of connection, like 4G. Then you have a safety net for that too. Of course a 4G network modem can be jammed too and then you are out of luck. But if it jams the 4G modem, then it possibly jams the zigbee mesh too. So your locally executing Routines are lost too, due to dropped devices…

There isn’t a perfect solution. Maybe a better one to get a monitored professional alarm system with redundancy and fail over if internet connection and/or device connection is lost.

I wasn’t expecting it to do video - I already get the camera stream locally via RTSP over wifi LAN. I just wanted it to send the “motion detected” message by local means, and offer an interface that allows me to use that trigger in ST rules.

No, no Gabor… Are you in the UK? Here you are very lucky if the police have time to look at our videos after the intruder has gone. What I am trying to achieve is an audible notification before the person breaks the window, while they are still prowling outside looking for a way in. At that point I can let them know I am watching. I am always in the house but at night I need to be woken by a sound. I could get a professionally fitted and monitored system but why pay someone to look and see why the alert sounded when I could do it myself if I could receive it. I have been looking at the failover comms systems but gather they don’t always fail over quickly enough to be useful as a warning.

In your case what you describe, I would go with a professional security system with monitoring and immediate response. I would sleep better knowing that someone takes care of me when I am sleeping.
But of course it depends where you are in the UK. If you live in the Highlands or some other more remote area, that might not be an option neither.
But! I would keep SmartThings for perks like that what you explained.
SmartThings is not a security system in the way as people like to think. Even with the ADT panel. Over there the ADT equipment and monitoring gave the security feature.

It’s ok I’m not gonna sue Samsung if it all goes horribly wrong. This is a kind of personal challenge I have set myself to see if I can know what happens around my house at all times without sitting in front of an NVR monitor all day :smiley: I like to see how self-contained I can be. In fact we have nothing of value to steal apart from a load of smart home paraphernalia lol