Any 220v 600W in-wall z wave dimmer out there?


I’m looking for a dimmer that can handle my 24 12v halogen lights. The lights are connectet to 6 electronic transformator.

The max load when all bulbs are on full is about 480W.
Today the bulb are manually controlled via the Elko-RS-630-GLE dimmer.

Any hope for me?

Thank for responding Robin.

I use the fibro dimmer 2 in some other rooms. Where the dimmer is placed behind a spring toggle button (to manually control the dimmer).those are LED’s so the max load is well below 250W.

But how/where do I connect all these dimmers to control the 24 spots in my living room ceiling?

Hmm. That’s alot of wiring…

If there just existed a dimmer that could handle the load. That would be much more easier :slight_smile:

Here is a picture of half my ceiling.

Yeah I know. Its only the living room ceiling that have halogens. I will consider to change it to 230v LED’s.

Thank you for all your help:)

Norway. It is 230v here.

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The UK one👍

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