Antique Brass Smart Lock

I absolutely cannot find a smart lock that comes in antique brass (not polished brass). Has anyone found one on the market or done anything aftermarket?

The closest I can find is this, but it apparently uses a Insteon technology needs a go-between to work with ST.

Does the inside and outside have to match? You could use the polished brass version of this for any kwikset lock.

That seems like the closest I’m gonna get. I wonder if there’s like a film or something I can put over it to make it look more like antique brass.

When i was looking for a smart lock, i wanted that kind of look as well. Im not sure exactly what you mean so im just gonna link the one i got. Don’t know if its polished or not, but it had that look i was interested in.

That’s about the closest of the readily-produced stuff I’ve been able to find. The problem is it’s too far on the ‘dark’ spectrum. Something between that and polished brass is what we’re looking for. Thanks for sharing, though. I appreciate the thought.

I’ve been looking for a z wave deadbolt in antique brass since 2016 with no luck. A few months ago, MiLocks support said they would have them in a couple weeks, but they still don’t.

I doubt you’re ever going to see one either. Antique brass has kinda fallen out of favor recently. It’s hard to find anything in that finish. Aged bronze is about the best you’re going to do. It would be easier to change the rest of the door hardware than to find a smart-lock in Antique brass.