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Another Zigbee Repeater Solution (With Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensors)


(Charles) #162

I have one on my porch - it’s covered so no direct rain, but high humidity. Do you think I should coat it?

(Iman Haryadi) #163

Hi Charles, I found that there is no harm on coating it. Once you put things outdoor, rust is a concern. If you coat the sensor, it will last longer.

(Iman Haryadi) #164

I got new style radio from the vendor. It is an extended range Zigbee Radio with PCB antenna. For comparison, I have side by side picture comparison with the non extended range.

The bigger radio with bigger shield is the extended range. The antenna design is similar to the non extended range (in fact it could be exactly the same antenna). The advantage of this style of antenna is convenience. You do give up with flexibility of selecting your own antenna.

I am testing the module as we speak. I did ordered a few extra to share.

I also want to update that this module is being tested as repeater with many more variety of Xiaomi device. We have pretty good result. It is a lot easier to use compared to Xbee. There is no internal parameter to configure. Plug in the module to 5v phone charger, install DTH, add it to ST like any other sensor and route your xiaomi devices. I want to say thanks to @veeceeoh and @NoWon for testing this module with variety of Xiaomi devices.

(Iman Haryadi) #165

Here are the latest modules fresh out of the oven.

All module with new Zigbee Radio has been assembled. I have a few to share if you guys are interested please PM me.

It is the same deal as before. I hope to get $15 donation for each module. I will ship the modules with first class package mail. If you guys need tracking, please send me additional $3. I use the donation to recover the cost of material such as sensors, zigbee radio, component and board. I am building more and more module. I make minor revision here and there. For example, I started to shrink the board.

I have been using the module myself. I am testing and using the module in my home. I do have first hand experience with the sensor. DTH is available for ST and Hubitat.

I and several member here and Hubitat are testing this module as repeater with Xiaomi devices. We have been getting good result.

(Andy Chan) #166

does this help with xiaomi motion/sensors dropping off network?

I have my sensors all dropping off the network at random intervals.

the mains connected xm switches are fine. its just the battery powered ones that drop off.

(Iman Haryadi) #167

Hi Andy, I tested xiaomi aqara motion sensor with my module for about a month now. I have not seen any issue yet.

I am not sure 100% of your issue. I cannot guarantee a fix unless we know the root cause of your problem.

The module act as repeater. It may help your issue if you have range issue.

Xiaomi devices has device aging issue when routed through incompatible repeater. If you replace the repeater with this module, you will fix the issue.

Those are the two cases where it can help.

(Tony Fleisher) #168

I would be interested in one or two more of these if available.

The one I got earlier seems to be working pretty well other than minor issue with temp measurement (seems high by about 2C).

(Iman Haryadi) #169

Hi Tony,

I am glad that it work for you. The 2 degree Celsius offset is reasonable. There will be slight heat form the circuit. The sensor is very sensitive. This is why I include adjustment in DTH.

Would you mind taking one? I like to spread this module to as many home as possible. I should be able to make more in the future. I also may have produce it at some point. You can get as many as you need it at that time. Please let me know if this is fine with you.


(Joel W) #170

@iharyadi So far the repeater is working very well, not dropped off line, and temperature as noted a few degrees F off. Not a huge problem. I did relocate mine away from the Hub and parallel to the floor. I am impressed. As soon as more cash is available I will get another.

(Tony Fleisher) #171

Yes, I would be happy with one.
I will send PayPal today and pm you when complete.

(Iman Haryadi) #172

Hi Guys, all available newest module has been spoken for. Thank you for your interest in helping to test this module. If I got someone bail out, I will update the availability.

(Devesh Batra) #173

I have quite a few sensors (Quirky trippers and Xi…) that need to be connected to ST hub, love to get 2 units for my home.

Appreciate if you can let me know when you get some more in.


(Iman Haryadi) #174

I actually have a couple non extended range version of radio available. It could work for smaller range. If you want to give one a try, I would be happy to accommodate it.

(Devesh Batra) #175

thanks … will send you a pm

(Devesh Batra) #176

got the units in the mail and installed them

Looks like they are not working… all the information is stagnant… i have tried rebooting the unit to no luck
the Recent activity is from 10:40am when i rebooted the unit and then nothing else

I tried opening / closing windows with zigbee sensors in the room, there are keen vents as well in the same room, and there was no change to the counters…

Last option was to delete the device and re-add…

(Devesh Batra) #177

i also tried the DH with the temp option… same result for zigbee, it did update the temp

(Iman Haryadi) #178

It seem you have the wrong dth. It should be the Environment Sensor.

The link is on thread 165.

The diagnostic attribute is not auto update. You will need to refresh it. It will require more memory to support reporting for those diagnostic parameters.

The sensor will also double up as repeaters. Even the diagnostic is not auto reporting, the repeaters function is working behind the screen.

(Iman Haryadi) #179

The attribute that auto reporting is temperature, humidity, pressure and light.

Light and temperature can change at faster interval. Pressure and humidity change at slower interval typically in an indoor room.

(Devesh Batra) #180

thanks, i did try the other DH… still see 0 for children and 15 for neighbor. values do not change

(Iman Haryadi) #181

You do not have children routing to the sensor.

Zigbee devices is very sticky. They do not just keep re-adjusting their path and connect to a new router. This is especially the case for sleepy end device. They sleep most of the time. Most of Xiaomi devices will do this.

For testing, there are a few trick here and there. If you have a router that is problematic, you can shut it down. This will force the end device to find a new parent which hopefully the new sensor. I also been told that you can try to re-pair the end device. During this process if the end device detecting this sensor as the best parent, it will become its children.

Personally, I would let it be. If a device is connected to its current parent and has no issue, why force it to connect to a new router? It is my opinion that it is best for the zigbee network to optimize itself. Those endivice that has issue with current parent will eventually look for a new parent (router) to connect to.

When a child associate itself to this sensor, the count will increase on the next refresh.