Another Zigbee Repeater Solution (With Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensors)

I have made some changes to the question that I have asked. Please check it out and help me if you can

The FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF is not a common address. It look like one of special address in Zigbee for broadcast. Your mac address does not change.

@Albin_Antony, you may get a better answer from Xbee support. This specific behavior is between the Xbee as coordinator /repeater with Xiaomi devices. My sensor uses different stacks. I would not even be able to guess what is going on with Xbee.

Have you experienced any issues with Xiaomi sensors after power failure of your router?

I just want to let everyone know that I have build a new batch of sensors.

I am using different power supply design. These has impact if you would need to connect to external sensors. If you are interested in detail, I will be more than happy to explain it more. In summary, this batch does not use switching power supply. It should provide more stable power to the sensor.

There is no changes on the firmware. This batch is more of hardware improvement. In term of features, here is what the sensor currently can do.

I only have 16 sensors made. PM me if you are interested.

Iman, can you please email me at I’d like to talk to you about potentially ordering a lot of your sensors for a commercial application.

For everyone who will be getting this current batch, I want to mentioned that the battery connector is JST PH 2mm pitch. This should be common LIPO battery connector.

I want to briefly mention that please be careful in handling LIPO/Lithium Ion battery. Please do not connect them in the wrong polarity.

There is no standard on which side is positive or negative. In the board, there should mark for positive and negative side.

I tried this battery from Amazon.

The connector fit right and the polarity is correct out of the box on the above.

If you get a battery with wrong polarity, it is easy to reverse the side on the battery side of the connector. Here is a video on basically the concept on switching the polarity.

Here, how I hook mine.

It is easy to hide the battery as you can see below.

I think this battery would give the system about 1 hour of backup time.

I just want to let everyone who are getting the last batch that the sensors are on the way. I have shipped them.

I only have very few left at this point. Here is what I have left to share.


Hi, I would be interested in testing.

@killahbee , please pm me with your information.


I would love to but it seems I am unable, if you can PM me that would be fantastic.
Thank you

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Hopefully you still have some left, your modules are great, I’ll pm you.

Thanks Alex. I am glad that they work well for you.


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Another great upgrade, I like the new little led lights. I attached a Microwave Radar Sensor RCWL-0516 as a motion sensor and solved my bathroom conundrum, now with the slightest movement I can keep the lights from turning off if the Aeon 6 is obscured or slow to react, and walking into the bathroom the microwave sensor triggers before the locally running Aeon 6!

I just want to let everyone know that a have a few batch made that are ready to share.

Using this module, you will get an Xiaomi compatible repeater (see here and here ). When a xiaomi sleepy end device connect through my module, this module speak Zigbee 3.0 fully to understand the xiaomi request. This would allow xiaomi to maintain its connectivity. There is a lot of mention about Xbee compatibility to Xiaomi devices. Older S2XX version of Xbee is not a Zigbee 3.0. It maintains Xiaomi compatibility by setting default aging period for very long time.

It is battery backed up (optional, you do not have to use battery). This feature is important for me and most of us. Obviously, when the AC power is out, your hub and battery powered devices may still be running. If a compatible repeater went out, an xiaomi child device may look for a different repeater which may not be compatible with it. The battery backup will allow the child maintain its route to this repeater in the case of power outage.

It has temperature, humidity, pressure sensor from dedicated BOSCH BME280. Bosch made one of the best environment sensor today. It also come with one of the fastest light sensor.

The module is expand-able to drive one digital output. You can control a relay with it. It also come with one digital input and one analog input which @Alwas find it useful.

Here is the current batch.

If you like to have one please PM me.



Forgive my n00bness - I have no Xiaomi devices, but would be interested in getting a visual readout of my Zigbee mesh. Do I understand that one of these devices connected to an open source app run on a computer will let me do that? Are there any other hardware requirements (power supply, antenna, etc)? What’s specifically involved with configuration? I’m not familiar with scripting or coding and have no hardware skills beyond the “plug this into that” variety.

Do these still measure Illuminance?

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@start100, To map your Zigbee mesh, you need Xbee. I has application that would scan your Zigbee mesh. You need to configure it so that It would be paired in your Zigbee mesh. It would not be plug and play.

The module that I make is not a Zigbee utility. It is like any powered Zigbee devices (switches, outlet, etc). Except, it is a powered Environment Sensor Zigbee Device. You would download my DTH to your IDE amd publish it. Then, you do the pairing process. It will show up as Environment Sensor with the benefit I mention above.

You will need to supply 5v. It is compatible with old phone charger. If you will be using the battery, you will need a Lipo/LiOn battery. My recent battery purchase is

It would plug right in. However, these batteries are not standardize. It is always prudent to check the polarity.


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Hi Dan, Yes it is still measure Illuminance.

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I forget to mentioned that this version can supply 5V and 3.3v power to external sensor.


I forget to mention that these modules are fitted with Extended range Zigbee radio. I have standardized my order to this type of radio to simplify my process. The vendor claim 1 Km range on these radios due to additional amplifier chip. I believe that they are much less than that specification in home setting with wall around. However, they can penetrate these wall much better than non amplified radio.

In the past, I offered an external antenna modules. I have stop doing so because there is not a lot of interest on it. If anyone needs one, please let me know I will be happy to order some of them in the future batch.

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