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Another Zigbee Repeater Solution (With Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensors)


(Tony Fleisher) #303

Is it intentional that the retry and fail counts only count up to 65535 and then remain there until device is reset?

(Iman Haryadi) #304

I will have to double check on the code. This is part of the framework. I will let you know as soon as (or if) I found the code.

I also will double check on the spec how Zigbee specify overflow.

(Iman Haryadi) #305

Hi Everyone,

I have been meaning to recap what we have done with the module/sensor project in 2018. I want to thanks to community members here with your feedback and donation.

Here is a picture how the project evolved.

  1. This is the first module that I shared with the community. It is just a simple Zigbee Repeater.
  2. In the second iteration, the module gains Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensor.
  3. The next improvement, the module allow user to add additional sensor or component through exposed Digital Input/Output pin and Analog Input.
  4. In latest iteration, as we are closing out the year 2018, the module add battery backup

Through out these iterations, I try to focus on adding feature to improve our experience with our Smart Home. In summary, here are highlights of what we have so far.

  • A Zigbee 3.0 repeaters(routers) compatible with Major Zigbee devices in the market. (work nicely with Xiaomi devices).
  • An Environmental Sensor for your room with reliable and prompt reporting sensor reading.
  • Expand-able module with additional sensor for DIY-er.
  • Battery backed up module that combine the best of both world of battery operated sensor and dc powered sensor.

Moving forward, I want to share what I think a good investment for the project. I would like to optimize the parts and board design. In turn, I would like to make more consistent build across modules. I also would like to see whether we can scale the build to higher quantity.

Again, I want to thanks everyone for the feedback. For those who take risk on this project and donate, I really appreciate it. My goal is to build a working module on every steps for all of us.


(Iman Haryadi) #306

Just want to update everyone that I do not have the small module to share anymore. I still have six of the bigger (with 18650 battery case) module left.