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Another Zigbee Repeater Solution (With Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensors)


(Joe ) #263

I tried removing the DTH and re-adding it, as well as trying without the DTH installed to see if I can pair it as a “thing”. I also just tried holding the button for 4-5 seconds, is there any light indication when it resets? I don’t have a battery in it at the moment, but I did recently add one before I started noticing the problem.

(Dan) #264

Are you sure your USB power supply is powerful enough? Just an idea of something to consider.

(Joe ) #265

That crossed my mind, but I’ve tried two different 2.1A power supplies that I use all the time. I’ll find a third, it’s worth a shot!

(Iman Haryadi) #266

There is no light indication. There is not enough gpio for this light. The reset pin is just a simple check on the button during start up.

One thing that I noticed that you mentioned that the module stop working. I have not seen this once the module is paired in my environment. It could be there is something in the Zigbee mesh that kick the module out of your network. This may prevent the module to get back in.

(Joe ) #267

Earlier today I unplugged most of my other repeating devices to try to force more Xiaomi sensors to use your repeater. I wonder if I just shocked the system a bit with all the path changes. I’ll try unplugging the hub for a while and rebuilding the mesh. I’ll report back if I make any progress, thank you for your help!

(Iman Haryadi) #268

Thanks for giving it a try. A reset would clear up on the module side. Reset basically will clear up everything in its persistence storage.

These modules are quite hardy based on my experience so far. They would not break just because of in rush of children.

If you find anything that may cause it not to pair at this state, please do share with me. I want to make sure that I can share the information if someone get hit by similar issue.

(Alwas) #269

Hi @iharyadi, just wanted to say I managed to get the modification I needed, so not to worry. After spending two weeks reading every single forum post regarding “zigbee temperature decimal” going back to 2014, studying many dth on the subject, hacking, chopping and changing code, eventually I got there, with the help of a very kind forum member, now I’m able to utilise your temperature sensor to control my house’s heating, just in time for winter! :+1: :sweat_smile:

(Dan) #270

Nicely done! Care to share your version of the DTH?

(Alwas) #271

Sure thing, all thanks to @johnconstantelo took him all of 10 minutes. With the ability to have 2 or 1 decimal place, I went with 1 decimal for temp, because 2 would be overkill.
Maybe @iharyadi could incorporate the changes? The code is here for other members who need it… But my guess is most of you are Yanks using Fahrenheit.

(Dan) #272

Thank you!

(Tony Fleisher) #273

There might be a bug in the dth. When i first got the new sensors, i paired one before installing the dth. It seemed to work after changing the device type in the ide, but was not receiving reports (refresh was the only thing that updated current state). i had to remove the device and pair again (with it finding the correct handler) for it to work correctly.

(Iman Haryadi) #274

@TonyFleisher, yes… you need the latest DTH to use the latest module.

To accommodate battery reporting, I need to expose Power Cluster (0x0001). The old DTH lack this cluster to finger print the module and match it to the DTH.

(Tony Fleisher) #275

yes, that is fine, but my point is that the device doesn’t seem to be initialized properly if the device type is changed (in the ide) after it was paired using a different dth.

(Iman Haryadi) #276

I can see this happen. All reporting configuration is done in configure method. This method is not called when you change DTH type in IDE. Therefore, when you manually change the DTH in IDE, the sensor has not been configured to send report automatically. Let see if someone know what method in DTH when the type is changed in IDE. I can call configure at that point.

(Dan) #277

Not sure if the “updated()” method is called or not when the DTH is changed. If not, most DTH’s include a Tile that can be clicked to call the CONFIGURE method. I am using Hubitat these days, so not sure whether or not your ST DTH has CONFIGURE tile in it or not.

(Iman Haryadi) #278

Thanks Dan, I just update my github to add configure tile. The configure tile literally will call configure method.

(Joe ) #279

Well I’ve tried rebuilding my zigbee mesh a couple times now and I’ve had no luck getting connection to the repeater back. I’ve been watching the ST event logging in hopes that I’ll get lucky and the catch-all will find the zigbee ID for me to work with but nothing so far. My only thought is that my battery was kind of on the cheap side and maybe it fried the board? I still get the green LED when plugging in the stick, and red when it’s plugged in with a battery. Beyond that I have nothing to indicate the device is still working. It was great while it lasted! That’s what I get for buying eBay lipos.

(Iman Haryadi) #280

Hi Joe,

The battery LED will be red when the battery need to be charged. It will turn green when it finish charging. It will be green when there is no battery.

I do not think your module is broken. The module has battery protection chip what will cut the power when a battery is mis-behaving.

I would shutdown the module for now. If you like try it again a few more days. Who knows, there may be some of the repeaters in your house has the module in stale state. By waiting, it could clear up.

As I mentioned to you this module can take some abuse based on my experience so far.

(Jason) #281

@ iharyadi I would love to try out your extended-range repeaters - ideally two, but I certainly would not complain if you could only send one. I have a V2 hub centrally located in my house and periodically have problems with ST Multisensors and Sylvania bulbs at the far south end of my house being fast and reliable. I also have over 20 Xiamoi devices (not all of which are installed yet) - overall they are pretty reliable though sometimes slow. However, I cannot get the Xiamoi devices on the north end of the house - especially those outside (e.g. mailbox) to work reliably.

I would be happy to beta test a unit or two and provide you with feedback and perform any specific testing scenarios that would be helpful to you. I would also gladly pay you your actual cost for parts and shipping. Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you for putting forth the effort to bring this project forward and to involve the community in your efforts. You are tapping a real need here.


(Iman Haryadi) #282

I have learnt a new issue with the battery backup module. I want to share what I have learnt with the community.

I did get some PM from community members that they have hard time pairing the modules. This is very unusual. I have seen some difficulties with pairing at much rarer instance. I ask the module back to investigate. I do not have any issue with the modules that comeback to me once I got it back. I also tested each module before I ship them out. I know that the modules that I ship should be fine.

By share of luck in the past week, we experience a couple storm which knock down power in Washington. During this power down time, my Zigbee mesh was down. I had a generator that I use to power the hub and a new battery powered module. I was curious what would happen running one hub with one of my module only. With one on one setting between the hub and the module, it had hard time pairing.

The module can pair. However, the performance of the radio is much lower than I expected. This is an extreme test (running one hub and one repeater). However, the radio performance is differ so much with the older board without battery backup. I consider this as an issue.

Once I have power back, I cannot reproduce the issue anymore. If you have a dense Zigbee network in your house, I have been testing in such mesh. I have not seen any issue. I have a few GE bulbs throughout my house. When It power up, all my modules connect just fine. If you manage to get one module connected, the second, thirds modules can connect just fine. Once in the network, the module repeat and functions just fine. It can repeat other battery backup modules just fine.

I am not giving up on the battery backup module. I have started looking at the designing different way to do battery backup. I can probably do exchange with you at that time if you have any issue with the current one.

If you managed to pair, I would suggest to stay put. It is fully functional module. There is no firmware issue that I can see during this investigation. I personally are comfortable running the battery backup modules at my house.

I have very limited count of non battery backup modules. If you really need one as replacement, please let me know in PM.

I am sorry to bear such unfortunate new. My goal is to build a very good module for all of use. I have to take some risk in providing new features. Hiccup like this can happen.

I have learnt something very valuable here that allow me to build a better modules for all of us. With all the sensors, It gives major information of what you need in a room. It is a repeater that you can build your Zigbee mesh. Eventually, we will get a a module with proper battery backup.

I hope everyone have a good holiday season. Happy holiday and Happy new year.