Another "Things" company on the rise

tidbit from Geeky-Gadgets:

I was asked to post this to let people know there are more areas for the people who develop/program/make modules for Smart things, that there might be another product which may be compatible with the creations made for Smart Things.

Interesting to see more of the same line of thinking arise.  This project looks like it could be cool, but smartthings is already so far ahead of where it sounds like this product is with the mobile platform app support.  having a web page per thing that you have seems kind of clunky and not as flexible/extensible as the smartapps platform that smartthings will have in place.  That Lego T lamp sure was something though.

thanks for posting this.  I probably would never have gone out and looked for similar technology on my own :slight_smile:

Yes, and one can never underestimate the motivation that is created by being “the underdog” – so many instances where the first one out of the gate loses sight of competitors and then suddenly some tipping point happens and suddenly “swipe to unlock” is being held on to as a last bastion of differentiation when innovation shouldn’t be that way.  It’s good to keep a close eye on what others are doing – helps keep everyone on their toes.  Thanks for posting this.