Another outage? Events but no actions (2 Sept 2020)

About an hour ago it seems all my pistons and devices stopped responding to events.
I have rebooted my hub (32.00006) but nothing works except my DSC integration which shows my contacts. Live logging has no entries for any motion sensors. Maually operating wall switches show no logging.
ActionTiles has no action.

Same here…no automations occurring, no ‘signal’ to WebCore on changes so not actions, etc.

Are you on the firmware beta 32.00006?

I am on the 32.6 firmware and have noticedy hub/devices dropping on/offline all day I have also noticedy automations run but the actions to change the STHM security do not change the security to arm/disarm

It seems like devices are chatting but nothing creates an event.
Here is my hallway log, I get stuff but notjing if I walk in front of it.
e25efc0b-f030-4293-9c9d-cae87dbf3686 1:22:34 PM: debug Parse returned [name:battery, translatable:true, descriptionText:{{ device.displayName }} battery was {{ value }}%, value:33]

e25efc0b-f030-4293-9c9d-cae87dbf3686 1:22:34 PM: debug Battery rawValue = 26

e25efc0b-f030-4293-9c9d-cae87dbf3686 1:22:34 PM: info BATT METRICS - attr: 32, value: 1a, decValue: 26, currPercent: 33, device: CentraLite 3325-S

e25efc0b-f030-4293-9c9d-cae87dbf3686 1:22:34 PM: debug description: read attr - raw: CD37010001082000201A, dni: CD37, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0001, size: 8, attrId: 0020, result: success, encoding: 20,

Put me in for a “me too”. Rebooted the hub, cleared the WebCore cache, no luck.

My events just started again. :slight_smile:

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Ha, again, me too

Me, too… I see the trigger occur in the SmartThings app, but Webcore doesn’t get the state change. Just started at least an hour ago.

Strange though, AT is working and the pistons are running but no logging shows up for the sensors?

Something went down, for sure. I thought it was me because I happened to be messing with it today. Happy to have confirmation.

And now it appears to be working for me…

Did you do anything to get it working, or the ghost just left?

Ghost just left for me. Looks like the logs have started again for the motion devices.

I rebooted my hub and cleared the WebCore cache about 30 minutes prior, but I don’t think that had anything to do with it. I think it was an outage on the ST side of things.