Another missed event that was previously scheduled

Hey all,

I have had 2 scheduled events that just timed out and never ran, support found nothing

Tonight a scheduled sunset event didn’t run, or so I thought… I logged into the IDE and it isn’t even scheduled for tonight.

Anyone else having issues with scheduled events?
Also, why is this event being scheduled for close to midnight every day?

It is designed to run 30 mins before sunset

Not sure if it’s related but I had a living room light turn on in the middle of the night, several hours after it was turned off by a good night routine when I went to bed


My “Good Morning” routine, which is the single most stock bit of automation you can do in ST, has not been running recently. It’s scheduled for 6am weekdays, and shows that correctly, but nothing happens, nothing is logged, at that time.

It worked until relatively recently.