Another GE 4xxxx series zwave device bites the dust

It’s been posted in the community before about these older GE devices, and it hold trues for me. I’m going on 2 years for many of them, and so far I’ve had 3 wall switches die, 1 wall switch that died that could not even be manually used, and 6 GE outlets die. All of these were ones I purchased from Lowe’s in the clear plastic blister packaging. GE devices in the new boxed packaging (12xxx series) are working great, so far.

No replies needed, just an FYI for the Community.


Man, that is not a good thing. I have about 20 of these, and most of them are going on over 2 years now. I’ve had one switch that the small indicator light isn’t working anymore, but besides that they have been good. Occasionally, a few of them have dropped over the Zwave mesh, and i’ve had to re-add them, but besides that they have been good.

I have about 8 outlets as well, and those have been good.

Are the new GE ones (12xxx series) any different than the old ones? I thought some of them were Zwave plus, but is that true?

The ones that start with 14 are zwave plus. The ones that start with 12 are the older zwave classic protocol, but newer than the original series.

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Thanks @JDRoberts I knew you would know the difference! You are an encyclopedia of HA knowledge. :smile:

Just hardware specs. That’s the part I’m most interested in. Love them gadgets! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s how they all started before they eventually die. We’ve had power failures a lot over the last year due to construction in our area, and I’m convinced the quick spikes in power, and bouncing power off/on, had something to do with these things going bad.

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In less than a month I had another outlet stop reporting its state even though the app could still control it, and I just had another wall switch die. The switch is not controllable via the app, it won’t report state when manually used, BUT ironically I can still change the behavior of the LED. Killing power, resetting the device, and even yelling at it won’t bring it back to life. Yay…

Looks like I’m off to Lowe’s in the morning for a replacement (12xxx series for sure).


7 GE wall outlets (not replaced)
4 GE wall switches

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