Another "Best switches" thread

I’m relatively new in the smartthings arena, and I’m looking to start getting some switches.
I saw @JDRoberts 's awesome post here and was wondering if there are any updates/new options.

In most areas, I’ll just need a single switch, preferably with brightness control. I’d like to go down to <30% brightness, but that’s also not required.
As for instant update… I know that if my switches do have instant update, I’ll use it.
I also have a few areas where I’ll need a 3 or 4 way switch. My existing wiring is already set up, so it makes sense to me to utilize the traveler wire so that things keep working even if the internet goes down. But if virtual is a better way to go, that’s fine too.

So what’s the current most popular switch?

Thanks. We do keep that thread updated, so what’s there is current. :sunglasses:

The most popular switch is probably the GE, but that’s just because it’s cheap and people feel more confident because of the name. But all this is discussed in the other thread.

Anyone know if this will work with Smartthings?