Another Aeon Labs Home Energy Monitor Device Type - Add: Android, Solar and Calibration

Another Aeontec Home Energy Monitor Device Type - Add: Android, Solar and Calibration

My first code contribution to the SmartThings community. Took a very good device type and made some edits.

  • Ability to track solar installations (negative power with proper colors). Does NOT require solar, just allows the power to be negative during production.
  • Colors corrected for Android users (should work for iOS too, but I am not able to test).
  • Info tiles flattened.
  • Reset button zeros the energy value. SmartApp for automatic midnight reset below.
  • Also added a calibration value so that you don’t have to flip your leads if your usage is negative/positive and you want it the opposite way. Saves having to dive into the panel and do dangerous work again.
  • Added differential reporting, to reduce network load. Default value is 20 watts (HEM will only report power (watts) when the difference between two measurements is more than the setting.

Here it is:

And the optional reset SmartApp:


  • This was tested in Android on HEM gen 2.
  • Allows fixing the situation when both leads are flipped, not when one lead is flipped due to maths inside the HEM.

Great idea!!!

Note that it doesn’t fix the one lead flipped problem. That possibly could be handled by math, but I’d be afraid that the HEM does it’s own upstream math that would corrupt downstream assumptions. Therefore, the calibration value here specifically fixes the case where you have both leads backwards but the absolute value is correct. :smile:

Updated to add differential reporting. Flattened tiles, and fixed a bug or two.

Note: Differential reporting reduces network load. While there is no specific indicator that this device causes any strain on any network, it’s worth only reporting valuable data. The setting allows for any accuracy, but 10-50 is reasonable for most households. Change setting to suit needs.

Brian, I’ve been having a real hard time getting the HEMv2 to report anything. I first tried storageanarchy’s device type… NEW: Aeon Home Energy Monitor v2 Device but apprently the anroid version of the ST app has an issue with the color in the tiles and a got a big ol red error banner. NO values even in IDE

So i tried deleting any color lines i saw in the code , but to no avail as i am no coder.

I then tried yours. NO color tile issues, but im not getting any values being reported at all. Attached is the device page in IDE for my HEM using your Device Type. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im trying to get this thing to work with plotwatt or wattvision.


Did you try the configure and reset button a couple of times?

I Eventually came up with this…but i have no idea what im doing.

Just wanted to check how this is working for those that are using it. I was thinking of doing the same thing and purchase a second HEM. I have found that the device handler wrks fine on the single meter, but I only see some of the tiles with readings.

My solar arrays will be installed in the next few weeks, so would like to come up with a neat way to monitor production. Also was wondering if there is a way to reset once a month instead of once a day. I might just setup a notification for once a day to send the values in a SMS before clearing them and just add them up at the end of the month.

I’m pocking around at some other schedule apps, I’ll post here if I figure out a way to do this.

CoRE. Plus 10.