Announcing the "ST_Anything" Arduino/ThingShield Project

I’m using ST_Anything with a few ESP8266 since a long time, so first thanks for creating this wonderful project.

I’m running Smartthings and Home Assistant in parallel, but the end goal is to have everything locally and ditch the cloud.

So my question is if anybody is aware of a project that lets me add my ST_Anything devices to Home Assistant?

Have you looked at Konnected? It will run on an ESP8266 board and has Home Assistant integration.

ST_Anything only works on SmartThings and Hubitat, at this time.

There’s ESP Home that will integrate with Home Assistant.

I had this same question… I just integrated smartthings with HomeAssistant using the smartthings API. All of my ST devices came over nicely into HA except for my many ST_Anything devices… Any idea why?

Nope! I would need a lot more details to even begin to guess.

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