Announcing the Betazoid release of the SHM Delay Simulated Keypad

(Arn B) #1

Announcing the Betazoid release of the SHM Delay Simulated Keypad

Calling this “Betazoid” because it is not quite a Beta (IMHO), but the part that is complete works well (for me). The Simulated Keypad creates an Iris or Xfinity/Centralite image in a browser, including smartphones, that functions as a keypad with Smarthings using the SHM Delay smartapp. Should you want to try it in test mode without installing any code, the link is at

Installation instructions and documentation are at this link


So it can read your mind as well? :wink:

(Arn B) #3

I prefer thinking of it more like Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) half human, half Betazoid


So it just understands how you feel, not what you’re actually thinking… :sunglasses:

(Mark) #5

Wasn’t Deanna able to communicate telepathically with her mother in a few episodes?

Yeah, I don’t have much going on at home today :wink:.

(Arn B) #6

Don’t know, but most of the time while I was coding this thing I felt frustrated, and did not know what I was thinking for even considering doing this project. :scream:


Interspecies reproduction involving Betazoids often affected the psionic abilities of the offspring – most commonly the children of such a union developed empathic abilities as their primary psionic talent, while their telepathic abilities, though existing, were rather below average for Betazoids. Usually the telepathy of those of partial Betazoid heritage, without extensive training, was limited to communication with other empaths or telepaths and full telepathic contact with emotionally very close persons (for example, an imzadi).

(Mike) #8

something i say to my Mrs all the time