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I don’t think that you can

I just created a private channel. It’s working fine apart of minor bugs with colors.

@Rafael_Borja Can you share it, please

Here you go: (please not that’s a very beta personal channel)

Best regards!

From Eric Maycock:

I’m getting used to the new development process, so I’m not sure if these URLs will be for the final version, but . . .

SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

I don’t think notifications are supported yet.

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@Bry @Eric_Inovelli looks good to me

Is Inovelli Dimmer NZW31 w/Scene supported by this driver?

Here is the thread:

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Yes, but it only has a few drivers. Do you want me to add you to the private PM for it?

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Yes please. Thanks!

Can you add me please.
Thank you

I’ve added you both, but please read its entire first post because it has important disclaimers and instructions.

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Can you add me too, please

Do you know if Aeotec has a beta channel?


A lot of Aeotec devices are in SmartThings’ own beta channel

I’m testing out some zwave and zigbee devices on Edge drivers, but am unclear where in the CLI I can find the following information that was previously available in the IDE:

  1. The Zwave device network ID (0xXX)

  2. The Zigbee Id

  3. The data elements:

  4. The metric data (esp signal data from zigbee devices)

  5. The raw description data with the CC’s supported (zwave) or clusters (zigbee)

  6. The routing information

Is there a device information command I’m not seeing? I looked under the smartthings devices commands and couldn’t find anything.


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You’ll get more info (most of what you have in bullets 1 to 3) by using the yaml or json flag:

smartthings devices <ID> -y
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Thanks! That was non obvious to me. I assumed it would just show the same data elements as the ASCII table output but in the requested formats. I should have just tried them. :slight_smile: Hopefully theres a way to get the other items as well.

Thanks for jumping in, @philh30.
The other values that are not included in the device details returned by the ST API are not supported yet.
However, the engineering team is already aware of this situation and will analyze it further.
Thank you for bringing this up to our attention @csstup.

Is re-pairing a device still required to switch from a groovy DTH to edge drive?

Yes, I just had to do that while testing an Edge driver.

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