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Any update on whether SmartLighting routines will be migrated without user intervention



This came up in another thread.

Even with Edge, the SmartThings app and any notifications are still going to be cloud-based, right?

So some pre-created routines will be able to run if the Internet is out, but you won’t have app control or get notifications or be able to create new routines until the hub can talk to the SmartThings cloud again. Or am I wrong on that? :thinking:


This is my understanding. Local automations will run, but the app and its notifications require the cloud. The app isn’t tied to, nor served by, the hub itself. They would need to make a version of the app that connect directly to the hub like Philips Hue.


I’m curious to see if this will change once smartthings adds matter support since matter is intended to be “local first.“ Matter doesn’t require that everything except voice run locally, unlike HomeKit, but it strongly encourages local operations.

I have several devices that run locally with HomeKit and via cloud with smartthings, like Meross, Lutron, and Phillips hue. When our Internet goes out, which typically happens three or four times a year, I use the HomeKit app since the ST app stops working until the cloud connection is restored.

It would be great if smartthings switched to the other connection model, but I haven’t heard that that was part of the plan.


Sorry for the delay. Yes, the current routines in SmartLighting will be migrated without your intervention. However, as this will be an automatic change, we suggest you:

  • Don’t have any routines on pause (if you’re not using them, it’s best to delete them)
  • Review them to know they are working correctly and have the configuration you need.

The previous points are to avoid any issues.


That’s really, really disappointing news.

Why disappointing? :thinking:

I guess it depends if “Without intervention” also means “without notice”.

I think migration without intervention is a good thing as long as it’s communicated.

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That’s interesting. Apologies for the confusion, I wasn’t referring to that.
What I meant is that you will not be required to make any changes or additional efforts as long as you complete the actions I listed above:

More information about this will come.


@nayelyz Do you know if the porting of SmartLighting routines will include the routines that “Mirror Behavior”? This is a tricky one to do with regular automations. Can be pretty tedious.


It is the app migration all over again. The reward for the users who made the effort to migrate in good time was to see those who left it to the last minute get their Routines migrated for them and get given replacements for SHM custom routines. Then when the generous deadline arrived nothing happened for months while the mess was cleared up.

So I am afraid the last thing I want to see is anything that encourages users not to migrate now, and worse still to have an automatic migration process that has to have a strong chance of needing some remedial work.

Will these be migrated as routines in the app? Asking because there is a 200 routine/scene limit in the app. What happens if the migration puts you over the 200 routine/scene limit?


Will they be migrated to an Edge equivalent of the SmartLighting app or simply to routines?

I have automations that I had to leave in the SmartLighting app because routines do not offer the option of more than 60 minutes before sunset, so routines currently don’t meet that specific need.

Edge isn’t meant to replace smartapps like Smart Lighting. the migration from old ->new is as follows (Very simplified):

  1. Groovy DTH → SmartThings Edge
  2. Groovy smartapp > Rules API or self-hosted apps

Routines is a User Interface for the Rules API. So Smart Lighting will migrate to Routines. (and yes, there are gaps between Routines and Smart Lighting functionality)


I don’t have this exact information at the time but I’ll try to get it from the team.

I don’t know if they will be converted to routines, and, I’m sure the team already has in mind the restrictions but I’ll remind them.

So, a little recap on the points that haven’t been defined yet:

  • What will happen with the “mirror behavior”
  • How the migrated automation will appear (Routines, etc.)
  • What happens with the limit of Routines/Scenes.

Can we get a list of Edge-related changes/fixes in the new Hub firmware version 000.043.00003 (which I just got today).


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Are you in the beta program? I applied but I guess wasn’t accepted.
My hub is still on 000.042.00007

It sometimes takes a little while. I applied when one beta release was announced on this forum but the application wasn’t processed until the next one was imminent.

So are hubs in the beta programme. Some users, presumably those who took part in the closed alpha for the Edge drivers, get the new releases a little earlier.