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Thanks for jumping in, @philh30.
The other values that are not included in the device details returned by the ST API are not supported yet.
However, the engineering team is already aware of this situation and will analyze it further.
Thank you for bringing this up to our attention @csstup.

Is re-pairing a device still required to switch from a groovy DTH to edge drive?

Yes, I just had to do that while testing an Edge driver.

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Please, take a look at this post:


What is going to happen with all of our stock DTH’s. (Like st branded sensors, Sengled lightbulbs……)

Are we going to have to manually change them to edge drivers or is smart things going to do some thing behind the scenes to convert everything from groovy? Is there some sort of date when everything is going to switch over, and will the user be responsible for doing it themselves?


The quote right above yours is from a SmartThings employee.

Hope there’s not a Happy Christmas anouncement with small print saying Groovy discontinued Jan 1 2022


yeah, considering we’re only 6 weeks out from 2022, and for all we know Groovy will be retired end of 2021, it’s quite the odd situation.


It would be nice if ST staff announced if the Groovy EOL is still planned for end of 2021 or has been extended (even if date unknown).


Any luck in getting the Ikea 5 button remote to work with new edge driver? It pairs but is unresponsive.

Are you referring to this model (the one using the five-buttons-battery profile?

Have you tried deleting it and pairing it again? Sometimes happens that the configuration wasn’t completed correctly.
If you’re discovering the device through the “scan nearby” option and the device is listed as “found”, you should wait a few seconds for its configuration to finish.

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Has there been any progress on getting edge drivers to work with the Smartthings WIFI? Its been a while since the last version that said it was supposed to start working. Just curious as I can’t find any mention of it lately. Thanks.


Has there been any update on a customer focused rollout/beta. Has been 7 months since announcement?

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Sorry for the delay, @mhatley, there has been no update about that yet.

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