Announcement | Changes to our Legacy SmartThings Platform

I do not know. Best if you contact ST support and see what they say on that issue.

Or logout of the Classic app, log back in and see if the migration tool runs.

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What did Amazon do? All of these changes were 100% the responsibility of Samsung. Samsung disabled the old SmartThings Skill for Alexa, forcing all users to enable the New SmartThings skill.


Why would you punish Amazon for something that Samsung did?


Why Amazon? They have nothing to do with it.

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Most of the Aqara/Xiaomi sensors need a custom device handler rather than a generic one because they don’t adhere to the zigbee protocol very well. I’m a bit confused about why this is an issue for you though. Custom device handlers still work with the new app, can still be created, edited, shared, etc. I have many Aqara/Xioami sensors including door/window sensors, motion sensors, temp/humidity sensors, buttons, leak sensors, vibration sensors, and “magic cubes”. Other than the magic cubes, all of them work with the new app (though some, like the buttons, have slightly more limited functionality than they did in the classic app).

That said, there are some serious issues with both SmartThings and with Aqara/Xiaomi sensors that would prevent me from recommending either of them at this time. The recent platform changes have caused me to lose control of some of my devices periodically, I’ve lost the ability to reliably trigger Alexa routines from SmartThings events, some components of the new app don’t work on Android 11, device history is completely messed up/delayed, etc. The Aqara/Xiaomi sensors don’t follow the zigbee standard, and will drop off the network if they route through an incompatible repeater, and the vast majority of zigbee repeaters are incompatible.

I was actually pleasantly surprised* - I waited again until ST forced my hand to update Alexa and did nothing in advance to prep. A notice from Alexa app appeared, and the old devices were gone in Alexa once the old integration expired. Adding the new skill added back devices, which I then had to re-do all my device entries in all the rooms. I was glad to not have to do the step of deleting all devices beforehand.

Now if I can only be confident that “Alexa, turn on the living room lights” isn’t also turning on/off the same/similarly named devices in my vacation home, I’d be peachy happy. (Yes, I know I’ve already changed their names/disabled just being snarky sarcastic.)

*It’s amazing how low the bar is set… :zipper_mouth_face:


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I did the same. The worst of it was setting up all my rooms again and hiding all the duplicates for other integrations (e.g. ecobee). All in an hour or so of work. Still silly, but nothing compared to the debacle of moving to the new app and the useless unreliable automations.

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So, I don’t know if this is accurate or not, but our Amazon rep (we buy Smartthings hubs from them, a few 1000 a year) just notified us that the V3 hub is ‘end of life’ immediately. Amazon can not get any additional inventory and canceled several hundred of our orders.

I haven’t been able to find ANY reference to this happening ANYWHERE, I also don’t necessarily trust my Amazon rep, because he’s been ZERO help on finding another option (we need Z-Wave for our locksets). Has anyone else heard anything about this.

We’re in full spin control becasue we’ll need ~1000 between now and the 1st quarter 2021. We don’t want to go with Samsung’s mesh solution because we’re partnered with eero.

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It’s real…It’s happening…

It does look Aeotec will simply be reselling the exact same v3 St Hub initially.


I switched to a different hub when this news came out. It’s pretty obvious that ST isn’t interested in home automation anymore.

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Nope, just building a whole new API dedicated to automations.


RIP Classic App

I am reasonably happy with the new app when it loads devices. Half the time it doesn’t until a second try. Really weird. I also can’t seem to load it onto an older Android table I have - probably isn’t supported by the older Android OS. Fortunately for now my HousePanel app works on anything with a browser. The old app still works on my old Android app despite Samsung’s claim it would stop today.


Please can you share any plans / the current plans to retire the V1 hub ?

Will there be a SmartThings v4 hub ?