Anker Wireless IP camera integration?


(Chris Wisnoski) #1

Has anyone purchased an Anker Wireless IP Camera and ttied to integrate it with ST ?

(Jody) #2

The only kind of community supported integration at this point would be to take pictures with it. Video integration is currently limited to one Samsung and a few D-link cameras. If Anker provides an API/url for grabbing snapshots a very rudimentary device type could be created.

(Ryan Worrell) #3

I know this is an old thread but sharing for anyone else looking to integrate AnkerCam with SmartThings. I found that if you are logged in to AnkerCam and viewing the main page with all your cameras ( you can right click and copy image address. You will end up with a URL formatted as Remove the &time=XXXXXXXXXXXXX part of the URL and you will have a static URL that will always show the latest snapshot from your AnkerCam feed. You can then incorporate this URL into things like SmartTiles or possibly even a custom device handler. Note: If you are not logged in to the AnkerCam site no image will be returned at the URL. If you are on mobile you may need to go directly to the login page to authenticate: