Animus Heart (pre-release)

Honestly i’m just hoping that someone out there (Hopefully ST) will get it right…


Wow, shots fired! I am going to take this comment as a level of frustration on your part and being many of us are also frustrated by the lack of stability in the Smartthings platform, so we’ve reached a boiling point. That being said, most of us respectful community members have been very open and respectful in our unhappiness and desires to make things right with Smartthings and at the same time, we’ve also discussed alternatives. It’s pretty clear right now, many of us would leave Smartthings if there was a suitable alternative, which is why there is a lot of talk about this. It’s a domino effect. One thing I know for sure is all of us probably have the same goal in mind.

Let me guess, let me guess. … to make lives easier not harder…is that it?

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And this us when some of the smartest developers pack up shop…because they’re dismissed and so are the concerns they bring up.

I completely agree. The amount of value that members of this community offer to the platform and its customers is pretty significant. I can think of a ton of times that I was stumped or frustrated with something and came here and found a solution. HERE - contributed for FREE, by these members. Every time I considered leaving the platform for things like Wink or one of these new guys, thoughtful, honest discussions here have convinced me that I should stay.
If you want that kind of value added, you need to give your free labor a little free speech.


What’s even more tiring is rebuilding parts of your system every few days and not knowing if or when the system will work as expected. I hope you didn’t type that with a straight face!


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I haven’t read the whole thread yet (so this may have already been stated), but @Ben

In my case, IM NOT LEAVING SMARTTHINGS, but I definitely am looking into ‘alternatives’. The two concepts are NOT mutually exclusive.

If your platform is currently not working (just in case anyone is confused, SmartThings is currently not working), and if the fans want and need to have something that IS working, AND are committed to sticking with you, why so much dread around this type of discussion?

I don’t even care whether it’s a matter of connected devices or full controllers/hubs. Why should it matter?
If we’re committed to keeping this Community together (either by fixing this platform, or finding work-around or substitute options to get us through until it IS fixed) and see the value in having such discussions here (keeping it all in the family), how is that harmful or a bad thing?

It can’t be that we don’t want other people to see what’s really going on behind the curtain, right?

Again, IM NOT LEAVING SMARTTHINGS. I just want something that actually works, and until SmartThings gets fixed, even though I’m committed long-term, I’m also going to be looking for an alternate that can be used in the short-term (i.e. once ST gets fixed, I’ll migrate back in a heartbeat).

That being the case, why make me go elsewhere to get good, quality info about such things? Why not let us keep going as a Community here, sharing what we’re learning, with the intent of keeping it (this Community) together long enough to actually still have one (a Community) when SmartThings someday does actually get fixed?

I’d much rather hang with the same, high quality folks that have made their value to this Community (and this Product) obvious over time - even when checking out and using a different platform - than to have to reinvent that particular wheel. It’s the reinventing that you should be worried about (i.e. if we lose this Community because we weren’t allowed to huddle together in the corner and discuss how we’re going to make it through, it’s over for SmartThings in the ‘hearts-&-minds’ campaign as far as I can see).


Leaving threads with alternatives, and allowing them, should be a GOOD thing to ST. They get to see what’s out there that they may misjudge the possible acceptance factor to THEIR customers.

Forum member: "Hey look at this new platform that does A B and C!"
ST: “Oh that’s cool, can we add it? Is it really of value? Let’s see where this goes!”